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Who drank whisky over Niagara and fried eggs in the sky of St. Petersburg? There are no

For the description of space power of Niagara Falls in one lexicon of the world enough expressive words. It have to be some other verbal tools, prompt and powerful as vopodopad. It needs to be seen and worried most. To transfer a shock from the seen frightening beauty and the heard thunderous roar of the overthrown water.

I have two geographical fetishes in North America: Grand Canyon and Niagara. I got acquainted with Niagara Falls at first from the Canadian side, in the town of Nayagra Follz (Province of Ontario) where the well-known movie of the same name with participation Merlyn Monro was shot.

From the Canadian side I managed to approach the edge of the collapsing water weight on the boat Lady Tumana and to pass on foot behind a water wall on the horseshoe tunnel dug behind a stream of the falling water mountain. I admired it and in the afternoon, and at dawn, in a cloud of water dust, and at night, in illumination of searchlights. I made pilgrimage to this most surprising water miracle on the planet and in the summer when over falls numerous rainbows, and shine in the winter when the falls rush in the sparkling frame of ice blocks. The Canadian Niagara attracts to itself with maniacal persistence of any who at least once saw this miracle of the nature.

From the American side from the city of Buffalo the second massif of falls is less - a little more than 50 meters high and over 300 meters wide. About it and one great rope-walker who was repeatedly crossing these falls on a rope there will also be my story.

Alexander Kuprin so told about Jean Francois Gravel: Such people are born only once in one thousand years, by the special order of the nature . And Kuprin well knew circus and perfectly understood circus art.

This surprising Frenchman, Blonden, famous under a scenic pseudonym, was born in the town Seong - Omer in 1824 in a family of the former soldier of Napoleonic army.

Here from there he is, from Normandy. And there the special people live. From there that gyugoshny toiler of the sea . All remember. To see since the childhood the bed of Seine and a half of La - Mansha empty and not to be surprised to a miracle of inflow - otliv? It too still it is necessary to feel on himself rotation of the planet! In the same place, somewhere under the high-speed highway, and beautiful Genevieve De Ion and De Beaumont is buried. Two similar destinies. The people are charismatic. Well, all right. Jean? I am with you. Let`s talk?

Since five years you, monsieur Blonden, just got sick with a kanatokhodstvo, and by persistent trainings managed to achieve such progress that you were enlisted in professional circus troupe. 12 years of tours over the countries of Europe brought you the European popularity. And already the old woman`s panties - Europe become close for you. What to you it is not sat - that?

At the age of 27 years you submit the New World tours across all America. Now your glory rattles already for the whole world. But, Jean Francois, you do not calm down on reached. I - that know your secret. You are pursued by dream to subdue the American Niagara Falls. The dream which dreamed you how you cross falls on a rope and you feel at the same time unearthly delight, haunts you any more. You throw tours and appear aground. Even on purchase of a rope of 400 meters of money at you is not present. Lived. You will borrow them, monsieur Blonden.

And there comes day of Ickx. 600 steps - so much you need to make between life and death over the boiling elements. Each step can become the last. It is necessary to go in a huge cloud of water vapor where at arm`s length it is not visible to the palm any more. On a rope, slippery from moisture. Under a deafening roar of the overthrown water. Go, Jean Francois, you money have to for a rope.

And on June 30, 1859 there was this miracle. Spirit, monsieur Blonden! You are waited by glory. Flourish, maestro. Tens of thousands of people observed how in a cloud of water dust appeared, the figure of the person disappeared. Here it was gone from a look at all. What is it?! The person lays down on a back and lies on a rope. Has a rest? Here he slowly gets up and continues the way over a water abyss. 600 steps to immortality of glory and... The roar of an applause blows up 15 minutes of intense silence of the audience! He did it! He made it! It, Jean Francois Veliqui, subjugator of Niagara. And if women stop, then and the roar of Niagara can be heard.

More than once still Blonden will pass through falls, complicating and diversifying the tricks. In one of pokoreniye it lowers from a rope on the deck of the boat standing on water with the audience, already me mentioned Lady Tumana a rope to which tie a bottle of whisky. Standing on the middle of a rope, Blonden drinks it and covers the second half of the distance. Reply us honestly, monsieur Blonden, in a bottle was really whisky? (Perhaps, exactly since then the well-known brand of Canadian Mist whisky - the Canadian Fog also appeared?) .

Next time he takes off a hat from the head. In a cloud of water dust of arrows from the coast - vzhzhy! - stitches a hat a bullet. Blonden passed Niagara with the hands which are held down by a chain. Blonden stormed falls at night at a sparkling of fireworks. It went on a rope with a bag on the head, crossed the abyss on hands. It moved on itself(himself) through falls of the manager - the fatty. It crossed falls on... stilts! Its feats of conquest of falls gather hundred-thousandth crowds of the delighted audience on both sides of Niagara. Store you spirit, monsieur Blonden.

The dream which dreamed the great rope-walker came true in reality and came true not once. More than such conquest the world will never see! But we have Niagara Falls with all its magnificence and memory of the great subjugator of elements. Nowadays river and coastal police of Canada and the USA sharp-sightedly preserve Niagara against fans to poriskovat. Visit there and imagine a show: monsieur Blonden over hell in shine of rainbows. Paradise and hell. Hell and paradise.

1864. Blonden is 40 years old. For the circus acrobat it is already solid age. But our hero who subdued the desperate glory both an Old, and New World does not calm down. It is attracted by far Russia. From where his father receded from the remains of Napoleonic army. (March - march!) Probably, in the far childhood the father told the boy about snow and far Russia, about the fire of Moscow, about small river Berezina ice-holes much. This unknown Russia as earlier dream of the Niagara conquest sank down in soul. No, it has to get to Russia and subdue the Russian people the art. Yours Antr, monsieur. To Alla, hop! Voila!

On a parade-ground of the First military school, with the most gracious permission of its Imperial Majesty, the first representation of the world famous acrobat mister Blonden, the hero of Niagara, on Tuesday August 11 at 6 o`clock will take place... A bed on 4 persons - 10 rubles silver. Chairs - 2 rubles. A bench - 1 ruble. Standing places - 50 kopeks .

Came true. But Russia is to you not America - Canada. Even at the beginning of August weather in Russia is artful - performance is transferred. Tens of thousands of Petersburgers wait for approach of sunny days. And here, at last, on Sunday August 16 brilliant Blonden appears before this mysterious Russian public.

On support 30 - meter height, established on Vasilyevsky Island, will pull a rope 160 - meter are long. Already turned gray acrobat a rope will climb up a support, will give a starting signal to an orchestra and... To Alla, hop! Flourish, maestro!

It is impossible to list that was only not got up by Blonden on a rope! To gentle ladies became badly, the crowd screamed for horror, young ladies closed eyes hands. Blonden made somersaults, without touching a rope by hands, went on a rope with the tied with a scarf eyes and a bag on the head, hung on a rope, having hooked by one foot, transferred on himself the tyazhelyushchy impresario, on the middle of a rope sat on a chair and at the same time rocked, sitting a leg on a leg, jumped through a chair back. Oh, Maun Dye! Superb! Manifik! Bravo, Blonden! Bravo - a bravissimo! Fathers - Sveta!

But a nail of its program there was the well-known trick breakfast in " air; - the acrobat made fire in the small oven established on a rope and fried to himself eggs. The audience tasted aroma of fried eggs hissing on a frying pan and faded in amazement, staring in disbelief. You can imagine it? Bon appetit to you, Jeanne Francois. Eat on health the Russian fried eggs in the sky of St. Petersburg.

You, monsieur Blonden, were and remain the most unsurpassed rope-walker in the history of mankind. Also Kuprin was right, such people are born by the special order of the nature. The nature which you managed to subdue.

I regret that I was not born earlier when you, the monsieur, went with balance and without it over Niagara. When you ate our Petersburg fried eggs. But I about you, monsieur Blonden, remember. And about your madnesses. Flourish, maestro. Bravissimo.