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What attracts to ruins? (The millennia under legs)

Till next Sunday, Volodya thoughts of an underground inscription which he found in old gallery overcame The whole week To go to one on a dark, unfamiliar tunnel, of course, it was gloomy, but Volodya everything is reached that place, from where, as it seemed to it, dim, incorrect light proceeded Here, having looked round, the boy also saw the letters cut in a porous wall. (Lev Kassil Street of the younger son )

Here and ruins - silent, majestic. In failures of dark windows emptiness. Old walls smell of a mold. At a main entrance the huge heap of crushed stone from the failed column is piled. Which - where on izgryzenny winds and rains to eaves young growths of a young bush made the way. (Arkady Gaidar On count ruins )

Isn`t that so, fascinating pictures? And if here still to add Children of a vault V. G. Korolenko? And three musketeers who beat off Huguenots in the old fortress of La - Rochel?

And so why ancient stones awake some vague expectations, an anticipation of unusual! Everything was put in the childhood - books which were read and re-read, movies which looked and revised.

I already mentioned that the " magazine; Young artist significantly expanded my ideas of painting. And among painters which very much impressed me, - Robert Hubert, Master of ruins .

Among the landscapes drawn with it with ruins there are always people - and what they small in comparison with the remains of stone giants!

And today I live in Israel and I wander about places in which antiquity is looked through to a bronze age, on 3300 years ago! I wander about ruins! Yes on what smart!

Feeling of insignificance, I would tell - a fineness, covers you when you watch on huge (even on present concepts) walls. Thickness - 5 - 6 meters, depth - it is impossible to estimate, it is still hidden in the earth by

Labyrinths, transitions, unclear combinations of overlappings, arches, stratifications of one period on another, the former loopholes, ladders which do not conduct anywhere, low doorways - in different variations, raznorazmerny, inexplicable constructions. I think that if it was succeeded to revive some author of these constructions - and he could not reconstruct the plan - so everything changed time.

Among antiquity something almost modern suddenly comes across: some furnace which arches are laid out by quite recognizable, almost today`s fire-resistant brick. Also soot traces on a ceiling remained. It is unclear, that it was: bakery? Calcination furnace of the potter? And why in this furnace there is a put entrance? Continuous riddles!

The part of ruins is restored, the part is reconstructed semi-antique - and suddenly among cultivated buildings the half-ruined wall with windows comes across. She waits for the decision. And maybe, it already decision: such combination gives some mystery, originality There is a wish to consider, dream, complete, repair And to rummage in the earth - suddenly something interesting will get?

And in this place traces of restorers are not visible yet. The part of ruins is already renewed, and part - as the live certificate of the remains of old times. In total as was by the time of the beginning of restoration and reconstruction of old fortress.

Among structures - the old shelter with a synagogue founded in 1740, restored in 1948 on money of Jews from Libya.

Among ruins - almost modern exhibit: remains of the car, which years 60 - 70. Why it here? What for brand? And too there is a wish to lay hands to it and to restore!

And it is absolutely interesting: present combination to the past. Under the remains of an old dome prepare the Jewish wedding: the wedding canopy waits for the groom and the bride. So far everything is curtailed, but through couple of moments the celebration will begin By the way, it is very fashionable to take on the eve of a wedding a series of pictures in Old Yaffo, and - in wedding dresses.

In the restored rooms work, create, trade, pray Thousand-year ruins live and pull to themselves not only tourists, but also natives (like me)