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Nikolay Aleksandrovich Morozov`s biography.

Nikolay Aleksandrovich Morozov are the outstanding Russian scientist and just heroic person.

The son of rich parents (the father is a nobleman, the landowner, mother - the bourgeois), Nikolay Morozov (1854 - 1946) spent the serene childhood in an entail property in the Yaroslavl province. Having arrived then to St. Petersburg for education continuation, he with gloss graduated from the university on natural-science office. It was expected by good career of the capital scientist, university professor. But, having been fond in 1870 - e years of revolutionary ideas, it closely connected the life with the terrorist groups of narodovolets preparing attempt at Alexander the Second. Being, the passed intellectual fading, very much strengthened his brain, strengthened self-confidence. This phenomenal person, having set before itself the big purpose - to undertake seriously sciences, understood that without language skills he will not succeed in one of them as he will not be able to watch the advanced scientific thought in the world by means of at least journal periodical press. Knowing at the moment only French and as the biologist having knowledge in Latin, he decided to learn the main European and some east languages. And here it is amazing: for half a year the emaciated prisoner in a gloomy chamber studied at the good level 16 (!) languages among which is German, English, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, Dutch, Polish.

In prison, with huge morally - psychological sufferings, with infinite fight for the physical survival, the half-starved, weakened by numerous diseases person, sitting on an iron stool at dim light of a flickering candle end, works selflessly and tirelessly, without exhausting itself at the same time, and as if the Phoenix from ashes, rising to life again and again.

Burns down a candle, burns down, there is no

A of other lamp!

Let of a stop does not know my work,

lasts flickering light So far!

Let from a sleepiness, fatigue, boredom

Not for a moment does not potusknt my look,

Let my mind, my heart and hands

to Make everything that is possible, hurry.

That in a dream thought consoled me,

That the last flash of fire,

Dying away in a gloom, found

Behind work useful me!

are favourite lines of Morozov which he repeated in a chamber more than once.

Having spent more than 25 years in prisons, it took out a huge stock of spiritual energy and encyclopedic knowledge from there. Awarded for numerous scientific researches and opening of a rank of the academician, he lived long and fruitful life, having become truly self made man (the person who made itself(himself)).