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It is interesting to you how to grow thin for 27 kilograms in four months?

Harmonous I never were. Probably, for this reason passionately wished it to become! Tolstaya, of course, too was not. So, fat All my attempts to go on a diet came to an end with one - went on a diet in the morning, in the evening from a diet got down. And lived. From excess weight as I understood later, I was rescued only that, owing to the age led enough active lifestyle. All the time was in search: choice of profession, work, adventures and partner in life. Well, and as leaves on all this energy much, you also perfectly know!

But there came such day when all this was. There came measured, quiet and tasty life For a year of such life I gained fifteen kilograms. Did not learn to keep to diets. And still it turned out that we with the husband expect the first baby! And pregnant women need to eat especially well!

Generally, having given rise and having risen on scales, I saw figure of 85 kilograms A clothing size - 52 At heart, speaking very softly, - Kaka ! In an extract which I was given in maternity hospital, record: obesity of the second degree . I just wanted to howl from the powerlessness and a grief! It is difficult correct to me to give to you the feelings. Who has similar problems, will understand me. This emotional explosion helped me to follow this hard and slippery way of weight loss strongly!

One my acquaintance considerably dumped weight, having addressed to clinic N (the name of the program, for the reasons clear to all of you, I cannot call). There was with it a brochure from that clinic which I also used. The sense of this method was that after holding several paid sessions and procedures the patient was offered to adhere to a certain diet. Having thought, I came to a conclusion: and why to spend money if it is all the same necessary to keep to a diet?! I will not begin to list all products which could be used, I will just call those which I ate.

Ate each three hours not to feel hungry constant feeling. Did not count calorie as there was a laziness. Arranged three times a week kefiric day . For this purpose bought 1,5 liters of low-fat kefir and drank it all day. In usual days could eat beet with garlic and sour cream, sometimes (few times in a week) ate on couple of eggs, cucumbers and skim cheese. Dissolved cottage cheese with a small amount of warm water, having dissolved in it previously several tablets of a sakharozamenitel (0 calories). A saw for day of coffee and tea all with the same sakharozamenitel.

Here and ate for 6 months. Failures, of course, happened But nevertheless kept from failure to failure long enough. I was helped with it by an arrow on scales which fell below and below, and of course, the fact that I began to get into the last things!

Throughout all this time accepted a vitamin complex as it was impossible to call such diet various. In a month I managed to throw off 4 - 5 kilograms. As a result my scales showed 58 kilograms! And as the self-assessment grew! I was happy!

As it appeared, to grow thin is not a problem. The problem - weight to hold! Washing life turned into infinite fight Gradually I recovered on 8 kilograms again. But on it weight stopped. I managed to calculate correctly the diet and physical activities (40 minutes on the exercise bike in the mode of aerobic loading).

When my daughter was year and seven months, I appeared in " again; interesting situation. After the second childbirth I recovered again. Weight grew to 75 kilograms. Again a stress, a depression and fight

This time I studied a huge number of various literature, tried various methods and diets. It was pleasant to me Kremlin diet. On it I did not lose weight, but tasty ate and did not recover! To keep to this diet all the time as I learned from some sources, it is unhealthy. But it is possible to resort to its help in time and after holidays. So it was much more easier for me to pass from a nourishing or usual diet to dietary. Now I use it as a transitional method before a diet.

Thought up a diet to herself, having connected together several techniques:

1. Caloric content from 800 to 1000 Kk in day.

2. Carbohydrates no more than 60 grams a day.

3. Fats no more than 15 grams a day.

4. The volume of a portion has to be big to relieve itself of feeling of hunger.

5. To eat food at least 3 - x once a day.

6. The break between meals should not exceed 5 - ti hours.

7. Is not after 6 - ti o`clock in the evening.

You can make a diet on the taste, using the table of structure of products. For example, as I eat: for breakfast I can eat tomatoes and cucumbers salad (1 big tomato, 1 big cucumber). I fill it with mix of water and vinegar (2 tablespoons of water, 1 teaspoon of 9% of vinegar), or I do not fill at all. For lunch I boil to myself 300 grams of a pollock or a humpback salmon. I add bay leaf, salt, and allspice to broth. I have supper, as a rule, sauerkraut (gram 250) and skim cheese (200 grams) which I part with a small amount of the water sweetened with a sakharozamenitel. I drink during the day tea and coffee, with a sakharozamenitel too.

On this diet I grow thin on 7 - 8 kilograms in a month!

How such diet influences health, I do not know. I will not lie. I have no problems. Surely I accept vitamins. If, sorry, there are locks, drink laxative. But it is impossible to abuse it! I grow thin quickly (it, it seems, is not really useful in respect of health), the feeling of hunger is absent. Arranges me. For me it is the best, fast and painless way!

The most important - to keep the achieved result! It is necessary to leave a diet gradually. For example, every week (and every two weeks is better) to increase the diet somewhere on 200 - 300kk. If weight during this time did not increase, still to increase and so on, you will not find yet that quantity of Kk which you can use and not get fat. What is written in books - approximate calculations. Each person has the metabolism and therefore it is necessary to find the necessary caloric content independently!

I wish all who want to grow thin good luck and determination! Let`s be such what always wanted to be! As they say in one commercial: You it are worthy !