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What the general at a teddy bear and Theodor Roosevelt?

Love to a teddy bear live in us since the childhood. For someone the bear was the best friend in whom all secrets trusted. Someone cared for a bear, nursed him and spoon-fed porridge, despite indignations of mother. And someone used his soft stomach as a pillow. The Russian children name him Mischa or Mikhail Potapychem. And American call him not differently as Teddie. In honor of Theodor Roosevelt.

There was this history for a long time, in 1902. The inveterate hunter, Roosevelt devoted rare day off to the hobby. However the animal all did not go. Absolutely was having despaired, Roosevelt wanted to come back already with anything, but suddenly saw that directly he is faced by a bear cub. The president lifted the gun, but could not shoot.

All America soon knew about this touching story. The noble act added to Roosevelt popularity. Heard about it also a certain Maurice Mitchell, the owner of confectionery shop. He also asked the spouse to sew a teddy bear who would symbolize good nature of the president. So the teddy bear appeared in a show-window of confectionery shop. Called it, certainly, in honor of Roosevelt - Teddie. But on it career of a bear cub did not end.

Very soon he was already a symbol of election campaign of Roosevelt. The president`s supporters in tens bought up plush Teddie who were let out much by the " company; Steif . In several years the bear started talking, more precisely - began to squeak. Inspired with success, Richard Steif thought out everything new options of Teddie. So there were black bear cubs, bears - tumbler toys and even bears in the Russian kosovorotkas. The bear became less similar to the primogenitor. Teddie`s lines were softened, the muzzle became more and more amusing, and puziko more and more tolstenky.

There passed some more years, and already more than ten producers of toys began to specialize in teddy bears. Everyone tried to invent something special. The Deans Rag Book company let out trained a bear who could follow the owner everywhere - this Teddie was equipped with castors, it should have been pulled himself on a rope. Here only such bear not really was pleasant to children. What for pleasure to have the friend on a leash?

And during World War II the bear put on a camouflage. It was called House guard . The touching teddy bear from now on had to protect the little owner from burdens of a wartime.

The bear as a mirror, reflected in himself eras. He repeatedly became the hero of fairy tales and animated films. Remember famous Winnie-the-Pooh or Paddington! But the bear, most known in the world, is, undoubtedly, our symbol the Olympic Games - 80. On t-shirts, tags and badges, plush, rubber, ceramic and, at last, that, huge, departing to the sky under bewitching sounds of the song Good-bye, Moscow . All of us then longed, leaving it, and with tears in the eyes promised to protect the song good-bye, to new meetings .

Who knows, can in 2014 this meeting will take place in Sochi. For now nice bear cubs live in bedrooms of our children and symbolize a cosiness and tenderness, as well as their ancestor Teddie.