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How learns to go? Councils of the former entrant.

Lisa, is time to reflect already where you will go after the eleventh class! - my mother waved away, being in bookstore and choosing one of thick reference books All HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Moscow . She did not even want to hear that I in the 9th class, and before receipt to me still oho - go how many! I decided to reconcile.

Thick and heavy reference book All HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS of Moscow. 2003 - 2004 the A4 format at me still lies on the shelf among other magazines. I will tell honestly, it did not affect my future in any way.

Presently it is very heavy to enter to the UNIVERSITY on the budgetary place. I understood it at receipt in institute. In due time I was very much surprised by children who at the end of the eleventh class did not know where they want to arrive. But soon my time came will be defined where I want. Here - that I them also understood

In Moscow many HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS, and, apparently, where - nibud you will get. But, on the other hand, there is no wish to go to some godforsaken institute on paid office. Therefore it is possible to consider on all situation from outside.

If you have no communications in such educational institutions as REA of Plekhanov, Lomonosov Moscow State University, RGGU and in others popular and fashionable, then it is not necessary to despair. In life there is everything. But the forces need to be estimated really and always to make secure.

For a start it is possible to look through the reference book or to sit hour or so - another on the Internet, are pleasant to look at what specialties to you more. When I arrived, stopped on informatics in economy.

I know from own experience that it is impossible to choose more than three HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS. No, not from - for what will be very heavy prepares, and it is banal from - for the fact that dates of examinations are most often not known in advance. And in such institutions as GUU and REA of Plekhanov they coincide several years in a row.

At the choice of institute, it is necessary to know 2 things: what chances will get a job after it on this or that specialty (in other words on how many graduates of this HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION are demanded in labor market) and what objects you will be able to hand over better at examination. If stop the choice on two or three institutes, then it is the best of all to hand over identical objects: there will be less problems by preparation.

It is the best of all to choose 2 institutes: one, which more abruptly, and another which is simpler. And, if you decided to go to training courses, then go to that HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION which more abruptly as also preparation is stronger there because examinations it is more difficult.

Most often, the cool institute will demand the original of the certificate at filing of application so it is necessary to make the notarized copy in advance. The certificate will be given at failure to deliver of the next entrance examination.

Those institutes which it is simpler carry out entrance examinations to 2 - 3 streams so if there are brains, then to arrive on the budgetary office quite really.

Now about the most important. If you gain many points at institute more abruptly, in advance it is impossible to relax. It is impossible until you do not see the name in the list of enlisted. Unpleasantly to speak about it, but the fact is the fact: 50 percent of the budgetary places (if not 70) are already bought in 4 months prior to entrance examinations. So there can be you and gathered the necessary quantity of lowest passing scores, it is even more, but already bought your place.

Even if you entered the institute more simply, then it is not necessary to be upset. It is just necessary to find itself, what it is pleasant to you is engaged, to be able to do it. And then you vynaydt a congenial employment. Can even which will not correspond to specialty in your future diploma.