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How to arrange houses a party?

Are quite possible that you like to receive guests. Or there come from other city friends whom you did not see several years. Or you want to celebrate some event, and the restaurant is too expensive.

Anyway, you will have a party. And that it passed cheerfully, guests were satisfied, and the house did not demand capital repairs, it needs to be carried out correctly.

Estimate the opportunities

What amount of time you have? Perhaps, there are urgent affairs which need to be made in a certain day and certain time. Be convinced that all necessary will be made, and in advance solve as for what term it is possible to postpone.

What budget of a party? Whether you will be able to do without unplanned starvations after it? Perhaps, financial participation of your guests will be required (in certain cases it pertinently), then discuss with them this question.

Where will be placed the company? What part of the house or apartment you are ready to allocate for sitting, lying, meal and alcohol (if it is meant), smoking (if among guests there are smokers), warehousings of outerwear (if outside not summer).

Define structure of participants

After you estimated the opportunities, it is possible to tell surely how many (at most) you are ready to receive guests in the house. However it does not guarantee yet that all of them will be enraptured with such idea. Think, it will be how comfortable in the company - whether will be people about what to talk? The main motive of holding a party is a communication even if in process you are going to share impressions of trip abroad, to carry out display of the movie or to dance with feathers. Especially pay attention to conflict persons and potentially dangerous combinations (for example, you know that Borya hates Petya, Liouba in hop sticks to Galya`s husband, and Fedya is spoiling for a fight with everyone) and think how to neutralize them.

Carry out a preparatory work

Ring round all and achieve steady arrangements - who when on what in how many, probability of delay, a way of communication on this case, need of a meeting and a provozhaniye. Be convinced that all will find your street, the house, an entrance, the floor, the elevator, a call, the on-door speakerphone. Provide to

necessary quantity of seats, slippers and other that can be useful. Clean far away family jewelry if only you are not going to brag of them, and any other objects distracting attention to relieve themselves and guests of possible misunderstanding.

Prepare products and expendables

Even if you are not going to prepare, public which you will have in the house several hours, will not prevent to treat with something. It can be sandwiches, fruit and vegetables, pastries, nuts or chocolate. Tea, coffee and mulled wine in the winter, or cold cocktails, dry wine and beer will help to destroy them to you in the summer. Juice is useful at all seasons of the year. stock up with

in order to avoid incidents in enough with toilet paper, napkins, plastic ware if it is supposed to use it, and big packages for garbage.

Make the program

As it was already mentioned, communication is the main motive of a party. But if your guests big fans of dances, gamblings, versification or ceramics of the South American Indians, then the party can be made thematic. Separately it is worth paying attention to music - it can be background or not to be at all, but by all means has to cause only pleasant emotions in the company.

Take care of each guest

As the host, you are obliged to meet and see off everyone at least. And also to show where it is possible to leave street footwear and outerwear, to wash up hands and to powder a nose. Offer the help when you see confusion signs. You watch that philatelists did not disperse . If someone wants to disappear imperceptibly, provide cover. If someone needs to remain for a while in a quiet dark warm corner, show it such corner (it better to allocate in advance). It is better to keep iodine, sal ammoniac, a valerian, hydrogen peroxide, bandage and a plaster in the fast-available place, for thrill-seekers too.

Put in order the house

When you at last again remain alone, you should examine perimeter, to collect garbage, to sweep, shake out, wipe, to wash and wash everything that needs it, to darn, stick together, sew and to repair everything that else gives in to repair and to tie small knots on the future that the next party took place even more cheerfully.