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What do we know about a smell?

Sometimes direct our consciousness and acts factors which we do not even guess. They are much stronger than intelligence and will of the person. The most important of them - smells.

Even such fine feeling as love, besides other reasons, arises also because of compliance of a smell between the man and the woman. We at all not incidentally like this or that woman, this or that man. Sense of smell persistently prompts that with this person we will be happy.

The use of certain products can increase development of the smell attracting persons of an opposite sex.

For the man such products are: onions, garlic, tomatoes, carrots, vegetables and fruit of red and yellow color.

For women - all citrus, bananas, dates, vegetables of white and green color - cabbage, cucumbers, potatoes.

People knew about force of an individual smell long ago.

For example, men during execution of passionate national dances kept in Greece armpits handkerchiefs, and then suggested to use them to women with whom danced.

Presently found for smells application too.

In Japan already several years at some industrial enterprises to increase labor productivity, in shops, studies and rooms spray aromas of mint.

At the American offices lemon smells became for quite some time now clearly heard: researches showed that lemon aroma is capable to reduce quantity of errors of the working personnel considerably.

And the English diplomats, receiving ambassadors of other countries, spray halls where there will be negotiations, sea smells: saltishly - iodide air removes irritation and promotes bigger business activity.

However, the majority of perfumery products included various complexes of synthetic aromas. Meanwhile natural means work much more effectively.

From them herbs are most available.

So, outwardly it is possible to apply broth of bark of an oak, guelder-rose bark to sweating reduction, inside - tea with a sage grass (1 teaspoon on a glass of boiled water).

Improves a body smell drink of the tea prepared from a root dyagilya, herbs of a lady`s bedstraw tenacious.

But before drinking such tea, it is necessary to learn whether these herbs are suitable for you. Herbs is medicine which can bring both advantage, and harm.

And in conclusion of several recommendations from our great-grandmothers.


and even love can attract Attention with mixture with a jasmine scent to itself, lavenders, a rose and flowers of a lemon.

If feelings of the husband or the lover weakened, aromas of a violet, vanilla, wild strawberry and a lotus will help to wake them again.

Fidelity of darling can be provided, having sprinkled a bed, and also his and skin water with a smell of the apple blossom.

the Women dreaming of happy love have to avoid a perfume of lilac.

the yarrow Bunch suspended where - nibud in a bedroom will smooth all disagreements arising between spouses, and in combination with orange will make a dream of spouses sweet and cloudless.

I suggest you to check effectiveness of these ancient recipes on myself and to share with us results.