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How it is correct to write a press - release?

the Press - release are such piece from which news turn out then. And in order that journalists confused nothing, it is necessary to submit them initial information competently. Let`s try to understand how competently to state information on a novelty (or news), that is to write a press - release.

First of all, you have to decide on what you want to pay attention to. In a press - release there has to be one news. If you try to push there at once several news, it will distract attention from the most important, and the necessary effect will not be reached.

In a press - release surely there have to be answers to questions: Who? Where? When? About what? For what? to

the Press - the release has to be written on the official form of the company. It raises a level of credibility to information stated in it. Have to be accurately registered the name of the company (establishment), the head (the correct and full job title a full name and a surname), the correct and full name of service or a product, or is accurately stated information occasion.

If a press - the release is written from a name a press - services, minimize use of estimated judgments from a name a press - services. If mass media comment not on the fact, but your comment or an assessment, the effect " can be gained; the broken " phone;. It will be better if news (a new product, information occasion) is commented by someone from a top - managers of your company.

Volume the press - release should not exceed one page of the printing text, and in it the basic facts without excessive specification have to be stated. If there is a need to give explanations or expanded information on service / goods (tables, schedules, the information reference, photos), it is possible to add the separate file an analytical note.

In a press - release it is necessary to specify date and the contact person at whom it is possible to receive particulars, to specify details or to receive the additional comment.

Besides, it is necessary to remember that the set a press - releases comes every day to editions. Do not try to pay attention of the editor to your press - release bright paints or exotic fonts. As a rule, if you open a press - release, and there violence of " paints; any desire to read it disappears at once. There is also a wish to remind that if you use unusual fonts, then they can just not be read on the computer at the one who will receive your press - release.

I recommend a press at registration - release to use Arial or Times New Roman 12 - 14 of a size. These fonts well approach if the press - release is sent by the fax, and are well read in electronic form.

Do not do mailing a press - release by free e-mail - it can be apprehended as spam and to wipe without reading. A press - it is better to send release with corporate box .

Successful to you work and only good news!