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How to prepare a musaka? Greek cuisine - tasty it is also useful! Part 1.

the Mediterranean kitchen is world famous of the simple recipes of refined dishes which besides are very useful to health. Moreover, the lucky tasting these dishes regularly prolong to themselves life and at the same time prevent risk of developing of various diseases.

I suggest you to prepare a classical dish from Greek cuisine - to a musak. Musaka will perfectly look on a table, and with its help it is possible to turn a usual family dinner into a holiday.

For this purpose it will be required to you:

mutton (or beef) - 250 g

eggplants - 500 g

tomatoes - 200 g

onion - 1 bulb

vegetable oil cinnamon, salt - to taste.

For sauce:

butter - 30 g

flour - 30 g

milk - 300 ml

cheese firm grated - 1 tablespoon with top

egg (yolk) - 1 piece

is Also necessary for 1 more tablespoon. grated cheese and 1 - 2 tablespoon of a breading to strew a musaka from above.

For roasting of a musaka you will need a baking sheet with high edges, it is desirable with an antiprigarny (teflon) covering. It is better to choose a baking sheet more nice if there is a choice since in it the musak should give on a table. In addition take 3 frying pans.

In the beginning it is necessary to prepare eggplants since during their frying it is possible to prepare other components of a musaka.

Cut eggplants with ringlets, salt and fry them in vegetable oil to readiness (i.e. to softness and golden color). It is better to choose a frying pan heavy, with a thick bottom.

While eggplants are fried, cut onions and slightly fry it on vegetable oil in other, deep frying pan. After that add the meat (cut by small pieces) to onions and you extinguish about 20 minutes, periodically stirring slowly. With onions add tomatoes, salt to meat to taste and cinnamon on a knife tip. Extinguish even minutes 20.

Eggplants already have to be ready to this moment at you. Put them in a colander and let`s flow down to surplus of oil. To accelerate process, it is possible to press down accurately them from above something heavy.

Heat the third frying pan (it has to be rather deep too) and put flour there, fry till golden color on strong fire, then lower fire and accurately put butter there, stirring slowly. After that gradually pour milk in a frying pan, constantly stirring slowly, and again add fire. In a few minutes (constantly stir slowly dairy weight at this time!) milk thanks to flour will begin to get denser. It means that sauce is ready. Remove a frying pan from fire, put a yolk, 1 tablespoon of cheese there and mix.

Take a baking sheet, lay out on it layers: a half of eggplants, meat, the second half of eggplants, sauce, strew with a breading and cheese. Bake

in an oven at an average temperature even minutes 20 (the top surface has to be dense and have golden color).

If you have no eggplants, then they can be replaced with potatoes or vegetable marrows, but at the same time I advise to add more spices to meat. And when stewing meat it is possible to add a little wine.

The classical musaka prepares from mutton, but it can be replaced with beef (veal or pork it is better not to take).

The musak can give to a table in clay pots as it is done in Cyprus and island part of Greece, and it is possible and directly on a baking sheet.

In general, there is a set of options of preparation of the Greek musaka therefore you can experiment as it is necessary for your soul, but the brightest hyphen, highlight dishes milk sauce which adds a savor to this meat baked pudding is.

Bon appetit and kind health!