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How to make gentle chicken soup?

I Continue the tasty encyclopedia of culinary secrets. Today cooked gentle chicken soup. Received the mass of a positive - and from the process of preparation, and from test of a new dish. It it for me new. This my such personal opening. This opening also roused me to writing of article.

So, chicken breast, the whole chicken or only part - according to your desire and to the number of eaters - you cook it as usual. You allow to begin to boil, you remove a scum, you add the whole carrots and the whole bulb. It is important! To steam of laurel leaves. Those about which a riddle - What is cooked at first, and then throw out? When cooking chicken there is one secret - broth is not salted till the end - here then the chicken will be especially gentle. 25 - 30 minutes usually cook chicken broth from a broiler. Long-playing hens - carcasses on thin legs - cook 1,5 - 2 hours - depends on age of chicken, but also quality of broth will be absolutely another! Such chicken broth turns out fat, rich.

Then you take out a bulb, carrots and bay leaves. Luk and leaves jump out, and carrots are beautifully chopped for long thin strips. We salt. Further absolutely gentle action. We take 1/3 glass of a dry semolina on 3 liters of ready broth, and at continuous stirring we enter this grain into the boiling broth. It in soup is, but only her hint, half tone, a presentiment is felt So it is a little of it! But it is a beautiful stroke. While the semolina pines on slow fire - on it not enough time is necessary - we shake up 1 - 2 eggs, we add a ringlet of the firm cheese grated on a small grater. Besides we disturb and we enter eggs - we dismiss them in broth, we put cheese - it begins to thaw. We add small chopped greens of a celery or parsley and pieces of the cut chicken. 5 minutes all this beauty boil. Gentle soup is ready!

What krasoten in a plate - carrots needles so beautifully fit into a still life of fragmentary serpentines of egg and cheese. And greens give to a dish surrealistic dab. Time will occupy such creation very little, and here receive official messages of thanks from relatives much! Noticed - there are no potatoes in soup. Please darlings with a new delicacy!

Once long ago Laima Vaykule gave the recipe of the Autumn " soup;. I finished it on the taste a little, and here that at me turned out. The basis of soup can be any. At me this soup is cooked on thawed snow, not on broth. For it the processed cheese - the " type is necessary; Orbit Friendship any. I do not eat processed cheese, and here is how a component of this soup - most that! Cilantro is necessary - here other liberties cannot be. Then the idea vanishes also taste not that at all. Only cilantro bunch. To steam of potatoes, carrot, onions - a turnip and to steam of garlic gloves. That`s all!

Is poured in a water pan (good, for yourself, darlings, you prepare), at once in cold water we put potatoes cut with cubes. Carrot and onions can be fried on vegetable oil. I so usually do not do - I do not love refrying in first courses at all. Carrots we rub on a grater, onions - are small chopped, in a pan with potatoes. In 10 - 15 minutes we add small cut processed cheese, 2 garlic gloves and to the last turn - gentle melkorublenny greens of cilantro. We salt to taste. IN TOTAL! The spirit costs in kitchen!. Soup turns out slightly ostrenky of - for garlic, beautiful - carrots (do not shift - the abundance of carrots gives sweet), greens. And the white basis - so curd cake behaves - all in soup is dissolved. At me this today`s special - 20 minutes and the first is ready. If you take chicken or beef broth as a basis - there will be absolutely other taste. Experiment in kitchen more safely!