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What is mobile etiquette?

All got used to such phenomenon as behavior at a table. Norms and rules how decently to behave, are regulated by etiquette. There are rules of conduct on various actions. Whether many know that they are also for mobile communication which already quite thoroughly got into our life? Yes, yes. It is about mobile etiquette. It is, and governed at it quite simple.

1. The mobile phone has to be switched off if it can do harm to other people. It needs to be done on planes, hospitals and in those places where about it it is obviously told. This important rule, and it should be followed, from - for banal not shutdowns of phone can suffer people. Sometimes phone can actually be the tool of a premeditated murder.

2. It is undesirable to use the mobile phone driving during the movement. If the urgent and important call arrived, it is better to stop and to talk quietly. Even hends - fr harmful affects reaction of the driver. According to a number of scientists, the phone conversation can be equated to the drunk beer bottle.

3. At movie theater, usual theater, in the museums, showrooms, in churches, temples and other public places it is necessary to transfer phone to the silent mode, and at movie theater also not to shine the screen not to distract the sitting next people.

4. It is not necessary to use as ringtones what can offend or frighten people, both surrounding, and calling you. It concerns obscene language, various rough and sharp expressions and the whole compositions from them. It is better to choose a pleasant ringtone which will not disturb people around.

5. In cafe, restaurants, public transport and in shops it is desirable to use phone with the smallest possible level of a signal and voice. You the person not only here, and it will be pleasant not to all to listen to your conversation. It is worth being respectful to people around and understanding.

6. At various business meetings and meetings it is better to transfer phone to the silent mode if there are no other arrangements. Usually partners or the administration are irritated by the fact of a call, it distracts from a meeting.

7. Extremely impolitely and, in principle, inadmissibly to tell numbers of mobile phones to the third parties without consent to that of owners. It can develop so that phone was given exclusively to you therefore before telling it still to someone, it is better to take an interest whether you have on it powers.

8. Any conversation has to remain within confidentiality, and if other is not stipulated, then transfer of any information to the third parties is undesirable.

These simple rules also make fundamentals of mobile etiquette. Their observance is optional, but it can tell a lot of things about you to your interlocutor and surrounding people.