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How verses are born?

were few orders so it was written generally as a hobby, slowly and pensively Last winter Last winter I was lonely

. Days lasted sad, monotonous series in which there was no place for mutual sympathy, of an attraction and close meetings

A with approach of spring very much wanted to present warmth of the soul to some God`s creation: to raise it, to care, cherish, feed, give to drink, to iron, admire of

Here and I stopped the choice on a dahlia. The benefit, at my lodge is uchastochek lands, small such garden in which under sprawling cherries very convenient hammock for rest is tense. Near a hammock in a warm season I put the folding little table used as written.

I love flowers, as well as any woman. And that`s it to a dahlia I chose because it plentifully blossoms since July to the frosts! What else of flowers is capable of it?!

Grows a dahlia practically on any soil. It has thick korneklubn. And thick - means durable. Not without reason all mummies want that their kids were thick.

Stalks at dahlias high, direct, strong! Leaves are opposite, difficult, not parnoperisty. Inflorescences - baskets to 30 cm in the diameter! And coloring at a dahlia happen the diverse! Grades too different: terry, cactaceous, spherical, vorotnichkovy

I at the beginning of summer Bought myself ten green pass - bushes terry a dahlia, planted them according to the scheme 100 x 75 cm as skilled gardeners advise.

I appeared at me an opportunity, working in a garden on manuscripts, to watch process of growth of favourite flowers, vainly hoping that they will blossom in a shadow of trees All summer was also engaged in it

at the beginning of September on my electronic box was written by one famous composer and asked me to write verses on his music. I closely and deeply plunged into this work, having left my flowers both without drink and without attention. Generally dahlias do not need plentiful watering. It I just from big love to them gave to drink to them generously and every day.

The text on music was required to write lyrical. The song was supposed to be sung to a man`s duet. I it wrote

In few weeks. But at once did not begin to send to the composer. Decided to show to the virtual friends at first: to musicians - fans. Having placed the text at one closed musical forum, I began to wait for responses.

Fans wrote in the responses that the subject of love is already hackneyed, bothered to all subject. And supposedly how many in general it is possible to write about love?! Well I cannot tell

, of course, that I fell into a state of shock but a certain share of emotional disappointment undoubtedly came

- How many it is possible to write about love?!

- Yes is so much how many the mankind will exist on the planet Earth!!!

As in general the intelligent person can offend Lyubov, calling her hackneyed subject ?! Authors wrote about love, write and will always write! Another thing is that each of them writes about it by the own words, expressing him inherent thoughts and feelings. Also it becomes sad when it is not understood

generally, my soul was angry... There was a wish to throw all these creative attempts, to leave in a garden, to be filled up in a hammock and just to sleep at last normally in the fresh air!

Having opened a garden gate, I was stupefied... Directly the slender beauty in a green dress and a huge pink hat - only of all blossomed a dahlia looked at me! Its a little pale, gentle, open, such trustful and such fragile beauty made it similar to the Sleeping Beauty I is bewitched looked at it Feelings excited Amazement, admiration, enthusiasm, easy grief, recent disappointment - all began to spin in a uniform tuft

I suddenly these lines took shape inside:

The naked soul

listened to Dreams, slightly breathing.

A gave then to people

Fireworks for dim butene.

People drove away its

As a titmouse carrion crows,

Spoke: About love

we do not want to listen again!

Burned down words them as fire,

was Very sick in is mute.

the Burnt soul

Quietly smoldered, slightly breathing...

Why it all - blossomed contrary to all narrow-minded logic?!

As managed to keep in itself the internal force, love to life, love to light?

Can be it the vegetable soul too feels that life is a love; and the love is life?

And I all - sent that song text to the master.

the maestro answered Yesterday that it was pleasant to it...