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Whether it is worth giving to veterans of the Great Patriotic War original flowers ?

the Next call to a support service of clients forced me to be distracted from current affairs and to assume a call.

the Interlocutor, on a voice - the elderly person, slowly, politely, persistently wanted from me the solution of its problem which arose after the appeal to our service center.

The problem essence gradually became clear. It turned out that the declared defect was eliminated on a guarantee (phone did not turn on), but there was another, more essential - the floret " was gone;. Where exactly and what floret - it was not succeeded to find out by phone, but the interlocutor was ready to arrive and show a problem personally. In the stipulated hour I met for a minute of the person who was not late, but initially offended on our services. It was gray-haired, small growth, hardly moving, but noticeable the bearing, an open face and a wise look the veteran of the Great Patriotic War. Infrequently now you will meet such people on streets, them becomes less and less.

Is a pity that a subject of our conversation did not become those times in which my interlocutor happened to show courage and courage in fight against the enemy of fatherland what eloquently told awards on his breast about. But history of the lost flower became clear.

In Victory anniversary brother-soldiers gave a gift - Nokia phone. And here that set thinking: the gift was expensive it what it was made. One of the preset pictures with the image of a flower was chosen as a subject of the screen. Perhaps just also presented to it exactly here such original flower in the form of phone! - already then to me such thought came...

Unfortunately, no other flower suited our client, and initial was it is lost in view of a compulsory procedure at guarantee maintenance - updates of the software. In new to an insertion there were preset pictures, but not those that it is necessary. The necessary flower was used only on former versions of the software and is protected from copying - it is impossible neither to download it on the computer, nor to transfer on MMS.

To my deep regret, all our attempts to find a way out did not yield results. To return the former software - too it appeared it is impossible - downgrade is technically blocked.

Our explanations were not apprehended. An apology and assurance not to leave this problem without further attention softened only a little heart of the person to which we would have to return a flower at any cost.

Is a pity, but this problem was not solved still though there passed already a lot of time. Even I feel sense of guilt before this person now.

But nevertheless wants to tell all: you should not be afraid to give to people dear to heart even here such original flowers !