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What is known of the Havana carnival?

the Carnival are always pleasure. And the Havana carnival is a pleasure in a square, to be exact, cubed. That - that, and are able to come off there. And not only Cubans, but also hundreds of thousands of tourists. Annually, at the end of summer Cuba turns into the real Island of Freedom where it is possible to forget about everything, even about the most unpleasant on light and to steep in whirlpool of festive actions. The Havana carnival is traditionally carried out on the days off from July 15 to August 15.

History of emergence of the Havana carnival quite prosaic - initially it was the holiday connected with the end of cleaning of a sugar cane and cooking of sugar. And only over time this holiday turned into a cheerful colourful carnival at which to look tourists from all corners of the world gathered. However, since 1990, in connection with a difficult economic situation of the country, all carnivals and festivals in Cuba were cancelled. And only four years later, to huge pleasure of Cubans and numerous tourists holidays renewed again.

Subtropical climate, the sea, beer, the well-known Cuban rum, cheerful Cubans and Cubans - all this promotes that you felt so carefree, more than ever. By the way, Cubans are considered not only freedom-loving and liberated, but also the most beautiful people in all Latin America. Cuba should be visited at least and to look how local girls are beautiful Creoles - dance the Latin American konga on streets: the show which will not leave indifferent even the man tempted in female beauty and for a long time will keep indelible impressions in his memory.

The peak of fun is necessary for the weekend July and August. These days it is fully possible to estimate creative enthusiasm of hot Cuban temperament. Fireworks, dances, music, fantastic dresses, enchanting shows - all this on the staginess can be compared unless to the Brazilian carnival, most popular in the world.

Special color gives to the Havana carnival that its main events happen on the coast. Fresh sea wind fans the excited bodies of participants of festive parades which move on Malecon Embankment. Here rhythmical Cuban melodies mixed up with motives of modern popular groups sound, and along the coast there pass huge figures in which it is easily possible to learn of satirically represented local politicians and other celebrated personalities.

Malecon Embankment is considered one of the most outstanding resort places on the planet. There the best hotels and perfectly equipped beaches on which participants and guests can resume forces for infinite carnival action are located. On a carnival it is also possible to get acquainted also with a peculiar Cuban cuisine, to try wonderful Havana Club rum and local cold beer.

Having got to Havana during a carnival, do not refuse in anything to yourself - neither beer, nor entertainments - the experienced experts who more than once visited this carnival advise. - Well, and if you have a t-shirt with Che Guevara`s image, surely take it with yourself, as a last resort, buy at once after arrival on the island of Freedom .

In Cuba such t-shirts, with the image of the famous revolutionary are very popular, they are carried by all - young and old. Having put on such t-shirt, you will at once feel among the .