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What is the Carnival of Venice well-known for?

Designate conventions! - slogan of any carnival. But first of all it concerns a carnival in one of the most beautiful cities of the world - Venice. Not without reason it is considered as the most romantic on the planet. The fantastic city in itself on water, during a holiday turns into a continuous enchanting spectacle in which the feeling of reality becomes relative.

In such romantic conditions daily rules lose any value. And as participants of a carnival claim, such full relaxedness happens unless, only in dreams and dreams. Therefore within centuries, thanks to this fact, the Carnival of Venice became more and more popular.

According to official figures the Carnival of Venice, appeared at the end of the 11th century as a religious Post before Easter. And the word carnival speaks for itself which cornerstone two Latin roots are: carno - meat and vale - farewell, i.e. refusal of meat that sounds in Italian as carnis laxatio or carnasciale . The merit of emergence of this holiday belongs to the master of Venice the Doge Vital Faliero who in 1094 issued about it the special decree.

Over time these strict restrictions were forgotten, and the carnival turned into a cheerful holiday, having become in 1296 according to the decision of the Senate of the Venetian Republic an official public holiday which was celebrated in the last day before the Lent.

But so was not always. For example, at the end of the eighteenth century, at the time of rough revolutionary events, carnivals were not carried out and revived only in the seventies last century at all.

As a rule, now the Carnival of Venice lasts ten days and is carried out before the Lent which begins at once after end of a carnival.

According to historians, in the Puritan Middle Ages during a carnival all social restrictions were cancelled. Behind masks and motley suits it was impossible to sort: beggar you or rich man. In those old times disguised the tramp could count on reciprocity of the princess, and the prince, ignoring an exclusivity of own blood, could tempt the simple girl.

Such opportunities for the romantic relations attract thousands of people from the different countries of the world to Venice also today. To participate in the Carnival of Venice, it is enough to have only a mask or a carnival costume which can be got at every turn at this time.

In show-windows of numerous shops and on counters directly under the open sky it is possible to see just a lot of carnival production: various masks, multi-colored raincoats and caps. Having equipped with all necessary, it is possible to go to Piazza San Marco where there will take place official opening of a holiday which by tradition begins with flight Angela with well-known 99 - a meter belltower San - Marko. Then various dramatized representations are arranged. Then in the sky there is a set of balloons, and confetti tons fall upon the square. And that will be farther and that should be done - nobody knows...

And here romantic adventures begin. For this time the city becomes the continuous platform for entertainments.

On narrow streets stride festive processions, and on channels, people ride the gondolas decorated various with flowers in surprising masks and suits, singing cheerful songs together with gondoliers. All Venice with its streets, canals, bars, small restaurants at this time entirely belong to the celebrating citizens and guests.