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How there passes the carnival in Rio?

Sometimes seem that in our life there are too much everyday life, and it is less holidays, than it would be desirable. Of course, if there are time and excess means, then it is possible to go, for example, to the distant country or to some exotic island where there take place various festivals and holidays. And in the world there is such set of carnivals, festivals and other festive events that it is even heavy to remember all them and to list.

And when we work, earning the living essential, or just we miss, somewhere the whole people, having forgotten about daily occurrence, have fun and rejoice, daring to relax on one of such enchanting holidays or festivals where thousands of people from the different countries of the world usually gather. Give also we, we will at least and virtually join them.

The most known of all carnivals, is a carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro. As it was written in one tourist reference book that to live on this earth and not to visit the Brazilian carnival - it is all the same that to visit Munich in October and not to try there beer! Brazilians, for example, consider that life is a holiday, and the holiday of holidays is a carnival in Rio.

At this time the huge city lives in beat sambas - all dance this incendiary dance - both locals, and guests from around the world. What is created on streets of the Brazilian capital at this time, it is simply impossible to describe, it is necessary to see it.

Enchanting shows, fantastic dresses, draws, fireworks and a full freedom of expression - all this signs of an annual festival in the Brazilian capital where locals and numerous tourists during this period forget about the affairs and norms decent behavior.

Almost whole week nobody works. At this time on city roads which fill many thousands crowds of half-naked people for place transport just is not present, and the type of the naked dancers dancing in a mad rhythm makes indelible impression on many men.

The most interesting event of a carnival is, undoubtedly, a samba - parade. And if you were lucky, and you got on a festival to Rio, but at the same time are not able to dance a samba, do not spend in vain time and run in the nearest dancing school where you in several hours prior to the beginning of a carnival will be taught the necessary movements. After that you can feel like the real Latin American, having united to all in ecstasy of an incendiary rhythm of a samba.

The first samba was written in 1916 especially for this holiday, and in 1928 also the first school of this dance appeared. Now schools of a samba is a pride of the Brazilian carnival. As a rule, these schools exist on a subsidy, their main task - to be prepared for carnival procession and to carry out it so that all were delighted.

The main actions, as a rule, take place in the Rio center - - Zhaneyro. On the avenue 700 meters long which Brazilians call sambadromy the best representatives of different schools of a samba compete. Stands sambadroma accomodate over 70 thousand people, and 40 thousand places are supplied with little tables and bars.

Participants of carnival procession from the most titled schools of a samba have to pass on the avenue in a definite time to prove to be in all beauty. Several thousands of people participate in performance of each school, as a rule. Usually for bigger popularity invite also the famous actors and athletes.

The peak of a carnival falls on Sunday and Monday when on the avenue to sambadry there pass schools of a samba the highest league . Since 1899 competition of schools of a samba opens specially written carnival march Spread wings which author Brazilian composer Shkinya Gonzago.

Usually occupies procession of each of schools an hour and a half, at the same time the most titled goes the first always. At the head of a column go the best dancers, the staff of school, a celebrity and musicians in carnival costumes if it is possible to call them so. Anyone can join a column, having paid about 600 US dollars for this pleasure.

And actors and dancers in enchanting dresses, and even just in feathers and brilliant jewelry play the plots prepared within a year united by the general subject.

pass Passionate and incendiary competitions of dancing schools two nights. As a rule, on the huge to a sambodroma for a rank of the best fourteen clubs compete.

Irrespective of the decision of jury winners one and all feel here, and even those who did not take part in competition. the Program of performance participants of a festival prepare

the whole year and train her in full secret that then to strike the audience with unusual dresses and incendiary rhythms. And they manage it!

As a rule, does not do on such numerous carnivals and without funny things. So, in 2006 opening of a carnival in Rio - - Zhaneyro became for city authorities more, than enchanting, this day group of unknown in carnival costumes under sounds of an incendiary rhythm of a samba, rushed into the local museum and stole several pictures of the most famous masters of painting - Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Monet. The carnival became excellent cover for robbers who after successful affairs easily got lost in crowd.