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Who made the first-ever parachute jump?

on October 22, 1797, 210 years ago, in the Parisian park of Monso in the face of many thousands crowd of citizens rose by height about 1000 meters in the balloon Garnerena`s brothers - Andre - Jacques and Jean - Baptiste. The event in itself was not such given - Andre - Jacques quite often amused public flights in the balloon. But this time brothers prepared surprise - the senior had to jump off approximately from this height on the earth. For this purpose to a gondola it was attached almost eight-meter umbrella terminating in a small basket.

As the jump had experimental character, height was measured approximately. By eye. As soon as the heads of people turned in poppy kernels Andre - Jacques ordered Jean - to Baptiste: We Begin! . He got over in a basket and shouted: Cut a rope! . The younger brother interrogatively looked at the senior: Or perhaps it is not necessary? You never know? But that was unshakable: Cut!

A parachute, having come off a gondola, the first minutes of the falling soared a little chaotically. And it was unsurprising - it could not be operated. Andre - Jacques was just given to will of destiny and asked only about one: not to crash as if in full operation into the thick of citizens.

Fortuna smiled to it. So far he flew to the earth, managed to turn back several times in air. These are softened falling a little. And besides carried the aeronaut approximately on half-miles from public epicenter. The blow about the earth was rather weak, before its approach, Garneren managed to be grouped, and all business terminated in a dislocated leg.

The brother some time was loved one for Andre - Jacques. With it it could potter for hours with the next balloon, discuss details of jumps. Needless to say, just this time was received less as attention to the person by the beloved wife of the first parachutist - she to man-to-man talks first was not allowed. But it soon bothered madam Garneren, and Zhanna - Genevieve (according to other data she was called Genriyett) did not sustain once and demanded from brothers to immediately admit it to their " company;.

Andre - Jacques staid without turning a hair. Only smiled: Yes who prevents to say to you with us as equals? . And more impulsive Jean - Baptiste exclaimed: And here take also itself jump off with this umbrella! Then at us will be even more general! .

And you think, the ardent Frenchwoman refused this risky step? As if not so! She demanded from the husband that he allowed it to jumps! Also arranged to the hubby such life that he understood once: it is better to concede, than every day to listen to one and too! Two years later after the first jump of Garneren personally lifted the next gondola in air and with the mixed feeling of despair and delight cut the ropes holding a basket in which Zhanna - Genevieve prepared for the first jump. The landing was successful, and madam Garneren became the first parachutist in the world.

Running forward, one may say, that after a while the jump was made also by their daughter Elisa. In a word, that still was a family!

Having tasted the poisoned fruit of unreasonable glory, Garnerena`s brothers decided to do business on jumps. They drove about across Europe with indicative jumps, and in 1802 in London Andre - Jacques established the next world record, having jumped off from height about 2,5 kilometers. And next year enterprising French arrived to St. Petersburg where spouses made the Russia`s first successful flight in the balloon. Garneren`s sphere rose from Vasilyevsky Island, safely flew by over the city and fell in the wood on Small Okhta.

And in general considered figures 2 and 5 of Garneren happy. Also disposed to print tickets for capital inhabitants of 25 rubles (the VIP - places), on 5 in the second row and on 2,5 rubles from all others

Needs to add that the excessive risk not always leads to the fact that in glasses champagne begins to foam. So it turned out also with Andre - Jacques. It did not leave jumps and at mature age, and simply did not live up to an old age: once during test of the next model of a parachute of Garneren the jump which became the last in his life made. To it went 55 - y year

to Madness brave we will eat the song! And I want to ask modern young ladies: you could for the sake of darling it is impossible make something dangerous, adjoining on adventurousness, than the jump from heaven was considered in those days? However, to prove to darling all infinity of the feeling, sometimes it is enough to make a tasty dinner. And, it is not obligatory by candlelight