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Whether there can be a smoking useful?

Tobacco was delivered to Europe from South America in the 16th century. Despite the smoking bans existing in due time from church and the state, smoking of tobacco became a widespread habit among the population of the European countries.

The structure of a tobacco smoke is difficult. In it is mute about 500 substances are identified. But to the main pharmacological as active agent serve nicotine (sharp effects) and pitch (chronic action).

It is known of a small number of diseases which develop at smokers less than at non-smoking!

Treat them: toxicosis of pregnant women , pulmonary postoperative embolisms (obstruction of blood vessels - dangerous complication), Parkinson`s illness , ulcer colitis , Alzheimer`s disease (at smokers never develops!) . Also the frequency of cancer an endometriya is slightly lower at the smoking women, than at non-smoking. But all - should be emphasized that these minor favorable effects cannot be comparable with the risk caused by continuous smoking.

All know that smoking causes the most severe forms of diseases:

Lung cancer, throats, oral cavities, kidneys, pancreatic glands, bladder.


Myocardial infarction.

Stomach ulcer of a stomach and duodenum.

Chronic caries.

Tuberculosis of lungs.


Skin diseases.

Rare forms of a blindness.

The list can be continued indefinitely. Of course, these diseases occur also at non-smoking people. But the statistics shows that risk of developing of these diseases at smokers in 10 times more! 9 of 10 malicious smokers (smoking from 2 packs a day) have a myocardial infarction!

Many non-smoking are affected by a tobacco smoke as inhale his houses, in public places, in minibuses, at work where there are smokers. It is called passive smoking. Passive smoking is less hazardous to health, but also can cause dependence!

According to WHO data, from consequences of chronic nicotinic poisoning not less than 2500000 people annually prematurely leave life. This number continues to grow every year. Reflect about health...

Each smoked cigarette can be the last