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How to spend several days without computer?

of the Technician surround the person everywhere. But there is no more dangerous device, than the computer.

And together with the ubiquitous Internet it becomes really a nightmare. The person so plunges into this piece of iron that it becomes frequent lost for people around. Not for nothing in Europe there are specialized clinics on treatment of this harmful dependence. But it is possible to do without these expensive procedures and to try to live several days without the Internet and, whenever possible, without computer.

The further list of actions does not apply for completeness and a possibility of the sheer treatment from dependence, but it, according to the author, will help to see that the world is not only the monitor.

1. There is more fresh air. The matter is that the person already spends much time indoors, it conducts to various problems and diseases. Just it is necessary to increase stay time on air. Also it will be useful to remember about active games and if it is impossible, then an ordinary sit-round gathering on a shop in park - it is already good.

2. Besides the computer there are also other devices - information sources. The TV and its bigger brother movie theater means (is such which hate the TV, only and give it to others). The campaign or even just to one in movie theater will help to spend time with the company perfectly. If there is a wish to go not really, then it is possible to arrange viewing of some movie of the house. The main thing, at the same time not to use the computer. By the way, the visit of movie theater can be combined with the first point well.

3. Information is available to the person and on paper. And books happen not only electronic. Besides, they possess very important property: they can be read irrespective of position of a body, and also in a toilet. Time spent behind the book well influences the general health. It is not about reading in transport or a toilet, and in the convenient place which the shivering tarantass is not.

4. Make everything that was promised. Usually it is the numerous requests of the family concerning any problems on the house. Most often, these wishes were shelved or turned a deaf ear as prime business was to kill the next monster in the next online - a toy. If to approach process intelligently and the imagination, then and cleaning can be turned in next quest .

5. It appears, in the world there are not only computer games. There are different types of board games: it both KKI, and miniature, and others. Besides, it is possible to remember ordinary cards and an ancient lotto, and also Monopoly and it similar. KKI and miniatures have a number of additional advantages among which it is possible to note communication with people on common interests.

6. If you are still lonely, then the most effective way of an excommunication from the computer will be a presence of the soulmate. The same who has it, it is necessary to remember the beginning of the relations, that romanticism that happens right at the beginning and to repeat it. Walks on parks, joint visits of movie theater

7. The most effective will be to go for couple of days to the country where there is neither TV, nor the computer. The most important - to take only the mobile phone but only as a means of communication there. How to survive several days in the village is already a subject for separate article, just know that it is the most effective way. There are no temptations.

These small councils will help to come off the computer per day - another, or perhaps and to overcome an addiction but only in case you want it.