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The most female cold weapon now. What it? Part 2.

Here custom such is.

be not angry, gods,

I Ask you.

Let a dress is not good,

But a naginata is sharp!

- but Om

Continuation. Read the beginning here.

The Japanese experience of art of a naginata says that the woman who is engaged with it has to be soft, but strong, self-sacrificing, but cool, and the most important, patient and hardy. Trainings from naginaty develop the coordination, endurance and physical force necessary for maintenance of health and performance of numerous duties. Japanese say that the woman has to have a strong character and strong beauty . Besides, occupations of naginaty cultivated understanding of samurai traditions in women of samurai estate that allowed it to be the ideal wife of the soldier. In one of the managements for teachers of a naginata it is told: Training in a naginata, house economy and sewing will make the woman ideal .

At the beginning of Edo`s era (since 1600) there was a canonization of a naginat - to dzyuets - a martial art on naginata. It is curious that the majority of schools to naginatadzyuets or the schools of military arts which gave them rise was based by men, but then domination into them passed to women. Then duels and exercises from naginaty steel mainly female occupation.

After Meiji`s revolution, having endured heavy decade of decline, the old martial art on naginata gradually revived, and began to be transformed later to a modern sport which essence is the duel on bamboo halberds in a special armor and by special rules.

Thanks to efforts of enthusiasts (among which there were much more enthusiasts) before the present time such schools of a naginat - to dzyuets as Tendo - ryu and Tod - ha Buko - ryu remained.

Naginata - to is probably the only modern combat sport in which women make the vast majority.

At the beginning of Shov`s era (1923) to art of a naginata began trained at schools, within the obligatory program for girls. From various styles of a naginat - to created special " style; school naginata in which competition was the major component actually.

Today the Japanese Federation of Naginat - to, in many respects thanks to efforts of the famous fencer Sakakida Yayeko, developed new style - ataras. After war of a naginat became more sport, having lost applied value as martial art. Emphasis began to be placed on etiquette and discipline.

As well as in other Japanese martial arts, there are two types of competitions: actually single combat in which participants score points, striking blows in parts of the body of the rival, protected by a mask, to mittens, a bib, an epigonation and nagolennik, and in another - in the ordered order a number of exercises of a kat is carried out. Length of the naginata used at competitions, about 215 - 225 cm. At competitions the edge from a bamboo is attached to the end, and at demonstrations of a kat - from an oak.

Naginata - to became international sports which play in many countries, in particular, in the USA, France, Germany, Australia, the Netherlands etc. the Vseyaponsky Federation of Naginata was created in 1955, and the first tournament was held one year later. Since then these tournaments are held annually. Two types of competitions - a kat (the exercise which are carried out alone and together) and real duels are presented to them. Exactly from now on Japanese gradually lost superiority in this type of combat sport.

In 1990 the International Federation of Naginata was formed. The present purpose of classes naginaty, given within this federation, is as follows:

spiritual discipline;

physical training;

sports competitiveness;

athletic preparation.

Since then three world championships - in Tokyo (1995), Paris (1999) and in San - Jose, California, the USA (2003) were held. Medallists of the championship of 2003 became: Yana Sukupova from the Czech Republic (gold), Katerina Parisis from France (silver) and Annick Henrotte from Belgium (bronze).

Besides, even in our, rather safe time, thousands of charming creations devote free time of a naginat - to dzyuets. This type of active recreation as any another, develops at weaker sex all qualities of the fearless fighter which are so important in our modern life full of surprises, stresses and uncertainty in the future.

Lovely women, girls, girls... Or perhaps you too will try?