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How independently to estimate the apartment?

It is necessary to part with relatives, to sell the apartment inherited or native for expansion of vital space? But before transaction of sale and purchase it will be necessary to collect documents, to find the buyer, and main is correct to estimate the real estate!

It is natural, you can obtain information on market price of your apartment, having ordered and having paid this service in the estimated company. But if there is no spare cash on it, and them it is natural, is never present, we will solve this problem. So, what options exist?

It is necessary to acquire any printing edition devoted to real estate. Or to visit the sites on real estate in your region. Check all announcements for sale of apartments similar to your living space on the area, metric area, repair (finishing) and the floor, year of construction of the house, allocate them.

needs to define a corridor of the price of this type of apartments Now. Having determined the average price of a similar living space, you learn at what price it is possible to sell the apartment on the average floor, with an average state.

Most likely your apartment will differ from average. If you have an extreme floor, it is necessary to subtract from the apartment price on the average floor about 5 percent (for example if on the average floor the price for the apartment of 2 million rubles, extreme it is necessary to estimate at 1,9 million rubles).

If the condition of the apartment leaves much to be desired, then also subtract 5 or more percent depending on degree ubitost housing.

If you made excellent repair and spent for it about a half from the price of the apartment, unfortunately, you will not be able to receive all sum of money spent for repair and purchase of real estate as the buyer will get walls, the metric area and an arrangement of the apartment, but not your repair which you made on the taste. Most likely, the new owner will change a lot of things. Therefore should not be done especially for sale renovation, hoping to sell at higher price. You simply in vain will waste the precious time and efforts. Also should be added

if you need to sell the apartment soon, for example, during two - four weeks, then the price should be reduced approximately by 5 - 10 percent.

If the apartment is required to be sold very urgently, and you have no time for paperwork (necessary for sale of the apartment), then you will be able to make it, having issued at the notary the general power of attorney for sale, but with the price it is necessary to move on 10 - 20, and even more percent from market price of the similar apartment.

Conscientious to you buyers!