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How to choose the laptop in its technical parameters?

on advertisements pretty often flaunted Few years ago ordinary personal computers, but times change. Laptops come to replacement to desktop computers. It is mobile and convenient.

I think, it is pleasant to everyone, lying on a sofa, to read the e-book or to look through the Internet - pages. However, conversation now not about leisure with the mobile computer, and about its acquisition. All of us are different, and our salaries, requirements and kinds of activity different too. Therefore everyone needs the, special laptop. Isn`t it? Means, we will look what you can choose from.

It is worth beginning with the processor. At the moment in the market of laptops there are four types of Intel processors - it is Celeron M, Pentium M, Core Duo and Core 2 Duo. As you can see, there is not a lot of them therefore it will be easy to choose. If you need the laptop for work or study, that is the budgetary option, models with the Celeron M or Pentium M processor quite will approach. Kohl conceived to buy the laptop more modern and productive that on it it was possible not only to print documents and to watch movies, but also to play in average complexity of game, look narrowly at models with Core Duo processors. If in a pocket of money loads, then you can quite buy the laptop with the Core 2 Duo processor which to you will fully replace the personal computer. Core 2 Duo are the most powerful the processors made by the Intel company today.

Except Intel, there are processors released by the AMD company, is Mobile Sempron, Turion 64 and Turion 64 X2. All these processors are used in the budgetary versions of laptops.

The following important point is the choice of a chipset. Many sometimes do not pay any attention to a chipset and waste the money or receive weak productivity at the high price of the laptop.

In the last generations of Core Duo and Core 2 Duo chipsets Intel 9:45/GM Express are used. 945GM differs in existence of the built-in video card. Productivity of this card is small, but for the student or her office worker it will be enough. If you conceived to buy the laptop as alternative to the full-fledged desktop computer, then it is better to stop on a chipset 9:45.

In generation of Celeron M and Pentium M laptops the chipset of Intel 915 Express is used. It is also equipped with the built-in graphic card, but on productivity it lags behind from 945.

Having chosen a chipset, we pass to random access memory. Here much you should not speak. The first that should be acquired, - for good work is required to you at least 1 gigabyte of random access memory. In present laptops volumes in 512 megabytes therefore upon purchase it is better to buy in addition one more level of memory in half-gigabyte often meet and to ask at once it to establish. Laptops with a volume of random access memory, equal 256 megabytes, it is better not to buy any more - starovato.

Practically and a half future laptop we understood. Let`s choose the video card now. You can pass this point if the laptop is necessary to you for work as there will be enough productivity of the built-in cards for writing of reports or viewing of movies. And if there was a wish not only to print and always with itself to have the computer in a bag, it is necessary to pay the attention to the video cards NVIDIA GeForce Go 7600, NVIDIA GeForce Go 7700, ATI Mobility Radeon X1600, ATI Mobility Radeon X1700. The listed cards will be able to provide rather good portrayal in games. There are, of course, cards with even more high efficiency, but they do not cost yet that money which for them asks.

At last I reached the most pleasant is a hard drive. What it is worth paying attention here to? Of course, on volume. In the budgetary versions there are winchesters with a capacity of 40 - 60 gigabytes, in business - laptops - 80 - 120, and in so-called DTR DeskTop Replacement ( replacement of the desktop " computer;) hard drives with a capacity of 120 - 160 gigabytes are installed. Except volume, once you stop the attention to such moment, speed of rotation of a spindle. There are two options - 5400 rpm and 4200 rpm. Here we will apply the law the more the better . The physical sizes of the winchester also influence productivity. In thin laptops hard drives 1 are installed. 8 - inch, in tolstenky 2. 5 - inch.

In end it is necessary to choose type of the drive and the screen. Now in thin laptops there is no optical drive therefore it is included in a standard package. The external drive sometimes is quite inconvenient in use and to the laptop does not add mobility. If the drive is, then best of all stop on DVD - RW - you will be able to write down information on DVD - disks. If you buy budgetary, then choose model with komboprivody which functions as the writing CD - ROM and usual DVD - the player.

And as the curtain fell a couple of words about screens. Upon purchase it is worth paying attention to response time, contrast, permission and viewing angles. In the first three parameters it is necessary to be guided by the rule the more the better and in the last - the better it is visible at a bigger tilt angle, the better .

" laptop; it is built . Having decided on the necessary parameters, go to shop and choose to yourself the device interesting you. Successful to you purchases!