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Dog fights. What is stronger: thirst of a profit or feeling of pity?

Dog fights - a widespread look sport . For it specially grow up special breeds of dog, so-called combative : bull terriers, Staffordshire terriers, pit bull terriers. In Russia dog fights gain the increasing popularity, but are carried out illegally. An exception are such cities as Kolomna where fights are carried out every first Saturday of October, and Smolensk.

And began still in the ancient time. Rock paintings in the form of two fighting dogs testify to it.

Combative dogs are maltreated and force to run for hours on an exercise machine cloth, sometimes for a live cat who at the end of a lesson is given them on worry. To gladiators having a tail sometimes sharpen teeth for giving of greater sharpness to them or cut off ears that the rival could not stick into them.

Before fight the dog is bathed at first in milk if in hair of animals poison or beaten glass, and then in water is filled. At the same time owners exchange dogs during bathing and if the dog began to roar on foreign person or for the judge - she is disqualified.

Before a duel an inspection on ability to fight is carried out. Participants of fight part on different corners of the ring. The dog has to run across a ring and attack the rival. That that refused to make it, is considered lost. In case corners did not leave both dogs, the draw appears.

Fight comes to an end in either death of the lost dog, or her shameful capitulation. In the second case it is considered unpromising and is usually destroyed.

In the USA dog fights almost everywhere are forbidden several decades, but according to official figures on them come to look at about 40 thousand people. The revenue of such fights makes nearly half a billion dollars.

At such strict rules people absolutely forget about a human aspect, about compassion. Also those who bring the dogs on such actions, and those who come just to look at this bloody show do not reflect.

Life of such animal who is grown up for fights passes in constant pain and aggression. From its birth set or it, or on it. And how many animals die the combative dog grew the worthy murderer? Torn to pieces there are both cats, and dogs, and raccoons. All know about it, but remain same indifferent, as well as at the sight of the boys scoffing at a kitten.

I will tell a true-life story.

It occurred when I still studied at school, in a class 7 - 8. Weekly we with the girlfriend went to trainings on basketball. After the next occupation we with the girlfriend went together home, and as almost everything on the way, with us our trainer went. In the middle of a lively conversation we suddenly heard the plaintive peep of a dog reaching from the disorganized summer movie theater. We pricked up the ears, but did not stop as thought, perhaps, this is someone`s dog or, maybe, someone kicked, but shout continued with a bigger force.

Without remembering itself for rage, I jerked in that movie theater with intention to rescue an unfortunate animal. But I also could not imagine that I will see it. The mongrel was attached to a column, and the experienced pit bull terrier tore her to parts. At the same time the owner of a dog and three his friends enthusiastically and with enthusiasm cried out: Finish it! Finish! . In these fleecers I recognized the neighbor. The owner of a dog appeared local muscleman being famous for numerous rape of girls.

But seen by me gave the effect. I began to shout that let a dog that I will go to complain to militia if do not release and so on. The situation was heated. Muscleman in total approached me with words closer: Yes you that?! Valya from here! . The neighbor tried to persuade me to leave that there was no what. The girlfriend pulled me by a hand. And I all could not be at proper words to force it to release a dog. The fear of the healthy fellow mixed up with the aching heartache for the dog perishing on my eyes.

As a result I, without having managed to make something, ran out from there. Houses I had a hysterics, then a depression. Lay several days with a temperature. And in several days learned that the killed mongrel was tied up for legs to a pipe at that movie theater.

By the way, at present that muscleman is a mentor of iyegovistsky sect. Brings up people. And all trust. Forget about his own sins.

I was struck that the trainer, knowing where we went, suspecting that to us there can be something, quietly passed by and threw us one. And then did not even ask about what there occurred. Here it it is human indifference...