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What to choose the game console?

you Remember those times when computers were not so popular yet, and you or your children sat in front of the TV and constantly pressed keys of the small joystick. Level behind level played legendary games about a sinevolosy hedgehog of Sonik and for hours battled in fights for a title of the best in fights Mortal Kombat .

Time of those, 16 - bit prefixes left, the era of computers came. But in most cases the computer is intended for work, and cannot provide long game, in such cases game consoles come to the rescue. In this material I will try to prompt to you what prefix it is the best of all to choose.

There was a wish to begin with the most popular of Sony PlayStation 2 presently . This console blew up the game world. Its sales passed a hundred-million barrier, and games for this prefix could be got in any genre which only your soul will wish. You ask why the video game console did not go to a better world at emergence of computers. Because game consoles are intended only for games, and developers do not need to puzzle over compatibility of the software and development of game per se that it could go on the most bigger number of computers. Prefixes initially are issued with one stuffing, that is a complete set. Therefore, developers can use resources of the video game console most productively for creation of modern games.

Than is good Sony PlayStation 2? It is at the moment most available to purchase and not only can give you the chance free 15 - 20 minutes to enjoy game, but also serves as the video player. And that the simplest - you do not need to read the instruction for application, on the prefix panel only two buttons, to include and reset and the only lack of a prefix is a periodic overheat. Therefore it is not necessary to play more than a day without interruption.

The competitor of Sony PlayStation 2 is of Microsoft XBOX . It loses in something well-known Sonke but somewhere also wins. The product from Microsoft is intended also for multimedia as the built-in operational system allows you to work with files. By means of this prefix you will be able to look through movies on your TV, to listen to music, to watch photos and even to go on-line. Productivity of a child Microsoft is a little higher, than at Sony PlayStation 2 that gives the chance to receive the better picture in game. But minus is that the prefix is not really widespread, and such number of games as on To Sonk to you not to find.

There are also portable prefixes which you can freely hire with yourself, in a trip, play them in the subway or when you wait for somebody in park or on the square. One of such prefixes - Sony of PlayStation Portable , in abbreviated form PSP. It is interesting that with power of its quite big display - 4. 3 inches - you not only will be able to play games, but also to watch movies. The prefix rather compact will also freely be located in a trouser pocket or in your working portfolio. But its main shortcoming is the disks UMD (Universal Media Disk) which are specially developed for it. They cost quite much, and it is difficult to find them. But even it does not stop fans of games to buy this prefix as it gives the chance to remain in game in any place where you would not be.

On it I finish the review, and I think that you already decided what prefix you want to buy or present to your little son on birthday. Yes?