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And again housing problem. What is the contract of a rent?

At the solution of a housing problem we think of possible versions of the answer to it. Also we find some of them, for example: to wait for inheritance (agree, too long expectation can take place), to save up for purchase of housing (it is almost unreal for an average Russian family), to take a mortgage loan (we will significantly overpay or banks can simply refuse), etc. Not too pleasant picture appears.

But, all - is one quite acceptable way of the solution of this problem - it is the contract of a rent. The essence of the contract of a rent consists that the owner of the apartment transfers it to the possession to other person, at the same time keeping the right of use of premises.

For the conclusion of the contract of a rent you will need the following documents:

1) documents of title on the apartment (the contract of privatization, the contract of exchange, the certificate on registration of property etc.) ;

2) certificate of the tax inspection of payment of taxes;

3) documents on absence of debt on utility payments;

4) explication.

There are two main types of the contract of a rent: contract of lifelong contents with dependence and contract of sale with the right of lifelong accommodation.

At the contract with the right of lifelong accommodation is carried out actually purchase and sale of the apartment for the sum significantly below market with the right of lifelong accommodation on this living space.

Under the contract of lifelong contents (dependence) the former owner also lives in the sold apartment while the new owner is obliged to pay a certain sum of money to former periodically. The contract of a rent needs to be registered at the notary. Dependence implies purchase of clothes, food, any equipment, payment of treatment, drugs, etc.

The new owner will be able to dispose of housing (for example, to issue in a mortgage) only from a prior consent of the recipient of a rent. Besides the payer of a rent is obliged to do all necessary for maintenance of housing in an initial state. That is to pay repair, change bathroom equipment, etc. of

the Contract of lifelong contents can be stopped in case of death of the recipient of a rent and essential violation by the payer of a rent of the duties (the former owner will be able to demand to return it the apartment or to pay all sum). However there is a wish to warn that the payer of a rent will not be able to demand compensation of the incurred maintenance costs of housing and the former owner.

That it did not occur, and through court you did not deprive of hope and plans to keep in the future this housing, it is obligatory:

1) pay money by a bank transfer to have as proof of the receipt;

2) collect and you store all checks (on products, drugs, clothes, payment of utilities, etc.);

3) try that for the received things, products, etc. the former owner undersigned.

Fast to you housewarming!