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How to force itself to do morning exercises?

are Already not one day, even not one week and not one month you say to yourself that tomorrow you will rise for 15 minutes earlier and will do at last morning exercises or jog.

Perhaps, you tell yourself it already and not one year. You already ceased to believe that sometime you will do these exercises. Well, the time of resolute actions came. You, the main thing, very much be not frightened. You will be able to survive.

1. We buy new about - about - very expensive sports suit.

Lay out for it, at least, half-salaries. If you find more expensively, it is even better. Since evening the sports suit is hung up so that when you wake up, the first that you will see, there will be your new very expensive sports suit. It in order that the first thought which will come to your mind was: I not for nothing threw out so much money for a sports suit. It is necessary to do with it something that it so just did not roll .

Also guess what you will do in this sports suit? Aha, its most, charging. And anything else! You hear? This sports suit in which it is possible to appear even on delivery of the Oscar is intended only for charging!

2. We put ultimatums.

Anyhow? With you in a different way it is impossible. Did not want in an amicable way, we will be on - bad. So, if you now, you hear, now, into the account rub you do not rise and will not begin to do exercises, you go to work in general without make-up, forget even about a hairbrush. And also you put on fragmentary tights, and not with one arrow, and with three. Ah, there are no fragmentary tights? Anything terrible. We tear new!

Well, your female mentality is capable to pass such tests? Now it seems to you too that it is better to do exercises? What else you sit? To quickly put on a sports suit and to do exercises!

3. And for you it is not offensive? for

A to you it is not a pity that the husband stares at some there Jenifer Lopez more, than at you? And when it gave the last time to you some though chakhlenkiya, a floret, apart from March 8 (on March 8 is sacred!) ? And when last time the husband was jealous you of other men? What, already tears gather in the eyes? Well - well, expensive it is not necessary to cry.

Here now you will do exercises, both tomorrow too, and you will notice soon that any there Jenifer Lopez cannot hold a candle to you. And the husband will begin to load with presents in the flowers because he will be afraid, as if you did not leave him to other, more attentive man.

4. This sweet word ENVY . Imagine

. You go down the street in the elegant, fitting and slightly shortish dress in shoes on a high heel. The dress emphasizes all bends of your ideal figure, your harmonous legs are visible. Men turn around to you following in delighted looks. And all these long-legged pyshnogrudy blondes look at you with envy. Because all men admire you around, but not them, and just do not notice them.

And all this picture your husband sees. He does not notice too these blondes because he thinks only of one: as if other men did not get you.

However, it is pleasant when all blondes envy you, men turn around to you following, and own husband is afraid, as if you at him were not taken away? All this is worth it that you rose for 15 minutes in the morning earlier and did exercises.

5. Buy or sew this dress.

you are simply obliged to buy or sew a dress which you just saw on yourself. It on you so well looked! You will be able to put on it some action soon that to surprise all, to strike, blind, dumbfound, eventually! All will think that you, as always, will come in some loose overall, and you are in this dress. Here all will have a shock! As it is pleasant to strike all when nobody expects it from you with

you deserved ADMIRATION! And let admire you always!