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What extreme phones happen?

- Yes, why all these shock-proof phones are necessary? Only to overpay money, - my friend broadcasts during a lunch meal. - Here there is my &ndash phone; and hit against asphalt, and in a bucket with water fell. And anything - works as pretty.

- Ugu, - resignedly I who always was very making thrifty use of own mobile phone agree.

- Listen, and let`s call, and that at me by a lunch the battery sits down …

Having sighed, but not catching the burned companion, I silently stretched it the though not shock-proof, but gently guarded pipe. And for New year I presented it Nokia 5500 and … about a miracle! The device caught fish twice, once fell in a pool and once became wet in the rain in a talk mode. And anything. Even the battery did not suffer.

At some it is hefty active people mobile phones live life. And as with all fans of adventures, can happen to them …

… the flood

Phone can be considered as the drowned if water got inside. Therefore waterproof &ndash case; dream of fans of rest on water. The case of such phone, besides, is usually manufactured of stainless steel.

of Nokia 5500, already mentioned by us above, on the one hand, sports model of phone, with another - smartphone. Inside a heat - and the moisture-proof case it is possible to find the counter of calories, a pedometer, the diary of trainings, the two-megapixel camera, support of memory cards, FM - radio, a MP3 - a player and … Simbian S60 v9 operating system! And phones - that sports is a little, and the &ndash smartphones; units.

… the fire and snow filled up

the Little-known fact: there are models maintaining very high temperatures. Or very low.

of Motorola of HC 700-G can work in the hardest conditions where also the person - that not always copes. Range of working temperatures of this &ndash model; from - 300 to +300. Besides, this device, as well as the previous Finnish, is the smartphone. Phone has quite good communication potential (Bluetooth, Wi - Fi, support of memory cards). This smartphone works under control of the Windows Mobile 2003 operating system. In principle, this summer this device was necessary not only to polar explorers and firemen …

… falling from the rock

Well or still from where - nibud. Task of the real climber - not to break when falling. Protection of the device happens from two parties: inside and outside. The rubberized inserts over the case serve for protection of the device when falling, amortiziruya blow. Internal design of such phones such is that the motherboard is fixed in the case by springs which extinguish blow force when falling.

can be Examples of such models Nokia 5140 and Siemens M65. But, unfortunately, it is very difficult to meet these devices on modern counters: unless one ekzemplyarchik as a retro - models somewhere was overlooked.

By the way, despite positioning of these devices as » SUVs; at moisture hit inside guarantee certificates are removed.

… got lost

Phones with a compass does not exist yet. But there are phones with GPS - satellite system of navigation. With it you will be able to receive exact coordinates and time round the clock. And when you after a bath incidentally will appear on the first of January in other city - you will precisely know in what.

of HP iPaQ hw6515 - a communicator on the basis of Pocket PC with the built-in satellite GPS - the receiver. The receiver has the internal antenna, there are no settings, it is impossible to disconnect or adjust it. GPS joins automatically at the appeal to the relevant port.

… got hungry there is no

In the wild nature, as we know, electricity. On the other hand, why to take phone on the nature? But someone is afraid to miss an important call, and at someone the grandmother worries. So if you for a long time leave there where communication is, and there is no electricity (there are such areas), take with yourself a mechanical battery charger for cell phones. Your hand makes mechanical motions of compression, the device develops the electric power and transfers to the mobile device. Such manual « device; and - la an expander approaches all popular models of cell phones: Samsung, Nokia, Siemens, Alcatel, Motorola, Sony Ericsson (Ericsson).

Some models have accumulators with the prolonged operating time thanks to which devices are capable to work without recharge the whole month in a waiting mode and till 10 o`clock in a talk mode. The Philips company has the whole line of such phones: Xenium 9@9a, Xenium 9@9e, Xenium 9@9d. Long enough Z530i, W300i, W700i, P990i, Samsung P300 can work Sony Ericsson K750i.

And all-: it is better not to check resistance of phones to various vital peripetias specially: chance to damage let and » SUV; in total - exists.