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How to become the student of the German higher education institution?

If to go to study - so to Germany. There both higher education institutions for every taste both color, and the higher education at Germans free. And that the most pleasant - any to you shkolyarstvo. In the German higher education institution nobody will force all day to sit on boring couples, studying that, perhaps, never then and will be useful. Generally, not study, and some paradise on the earth. Here only how to join the ranks of the German students?

All is much simpler, than it would be possible to think. So, decided. We start active actions: first of all we choose higher education institution - to what the soul lies. Here we will be helped by the Internet, the benefit, information is enough for this subject. Having visited the website of required higher education institution, we search for coordinates of the international department of this educational institution. The international department is engaged in the direction in preparatory colleges, and also provides detailed information on an order of entering a higher education institution.

After contact with the international department took place, we begin to collect documents. In standard " set; enter:

the certified copy of the certificate about the general full education with the translation issued in due form (about which features it is possible to consult all in the same international department);

the student`s biography in German in which it is in detail told, in what educational institutions when and as you studied well and also what additional courses ended;

the copy of the certificate on delivery of a qualification examination in German with the translation (about what represents a qualification examination where and as he gives up, you can learn on the website DAAD, or in one of the centers of learning of foreign languages in your city).

If you have the usual certificate about the general full education and successfully ended 2 courses internal (or 3 - 4 courses correspondence) training in the specialty, similar to that on which you are going to arrive, or have the certificate with honors and successfully ended 1 course internal (or 2 - 3 courses correspondence) training, then also academic references from university with the translation are attached to documents.

If you graduated only from school, it is not a reason for frustration at all. You will be able to study in the German higher education institution too, only at first you will need to graduate from preparatory college (training free, it is only necessary to pay a student`s contribution in the amount of 30 to 200 euros, one academic year lasts).

Well, and, of course, take care of presence of the international passport at you.

After the qualification examination is passed, all documents are prepared, these papers go to higher education institution. To send documents is the most optimum for half a year prior to the beginning of an educational semester. That is, in October (for half a year to a summer semester) or in April (for half a year to a winter semester, respectively).

As for expenses, once again I will repeat that training free. Money will be required on transportation to higher education institution, registration of the student`s visa, payment of a social contribution and registration of the health insurance. In exchange you get all student`s privileges existing in Europe (on food, transport and accommodation).

Having provided all documents in higher education institution and having successfully passed entrance tests, you receive from the international department of your university confirmation on the admission then you in the time specified in confirmation need to execute all formalities: to pay social contributions and to issue the health insurance.

Pay attention that confirmation on the admission (that is, the document which grants to you the right for transfer in higher education institution) works only during one semester so to delay formal procedures and the beginning of training is not necessary.

Well, that`s all, that I can tell you on the set subject. Training pleasant to you. More detailed information on training you can find all questions which at you arose on the course of reading this article and also in Germany on the website DAAD (Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst - the German service of the academic exchanges).