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How to choose the computer in office of small business? Iron stuffing .

Now computers are used everywhere where it is only possible and where it is impossible. And today the computer is an integral part for successful business. No matter, the enterprise, big at you, or small firm but not to do without computer.

But before to speak about technical characteristics iron assistant it is necessary to define what duties you want to assign to it. And it is also desirable not to forget that the cheap computer badly gives in to further modification both program, and hardware.

So it is possible to assign to iron shoulders of the computer? And it is possible to entrust it such things as typing, work with tables, databases, e-mail and information search on the Internet. And also conducting accounting. These are the most widespread tasks which should be carried out on the office computer. But there is one but . As business at us small, and we are not able to afford to buy the separate computer for each task therefore from our computer the maximum universality in work will be required. Just sometimes it is necessary to use programs for work with graphics, a sound and video, and it will demand considerable opportunities from the computer hardware.

Most important criterion of the choice of the " hardware; iron assistant the operating system which will be installed on the computer is. And in corporate sector this issue is resolved easily - naturally, Windows. Though at all the love to production of community of the open software I will not begin to advise their products on the computer of firm. For their control it is required to employ the system administrator, these are excess expenses. It is the best of all to use the Windows XP version as it is the stablest and widespread version of an operating system of Windows family.

And now, proceeding from all this, it is possible to make the list of accessories with their characteristics.

We will begin with heart of any computer - the processor. Iron heart has to be bright and powerful to carry out a set of tasks at the same time. Ideal option will be the processor with a clock frequency of 1. 5 - 2 GHz. And I will leave the choice of the producer to you as it is not essential criterion and is caused only by the fact that usually the name Intel is pleasant more. It is only possible to take into account that processors of AMD firm cost a little cheaper than similar processors from Intel.

The following important component - random access memory. Here I would not advise strongly to save as computer productivity directly depends on memory size. The best option would be to get 1 gigabyte of random access memory, but it is the best choice. For normal ensuring those needs which we selected articles in the beginning there will be enough also 512 megabytes.

For work at office of rather integrated video card. But if you want to replace it, then it is practically necessary to change all: motherboard, processor and random access memory.

As for the volume of the hard drive, the minimum is volume here in 80 gigabytes that quite will be enough for needs of small business. And as required it is possible to buy the second hard drive or to replace old on newer without any problems.

Existence of CD/DVD of the drive is obligatory, otherwise we will lose a possibility of data transmission as diskettes - an endangered species of storage of information. It would be good that the drive was writing, we should keep and transfer information somehow.

The network interface card is necessary, but too you should not subtilize, there will be enough also integrated.

Now about cost. That configuration that at us turned out, will cost 7 - 12 thousand rubles. The price for the keyboard and a mouse also is included in this price. And as for the monitor, there will be enough also standard ELT - the monitor worth 5 thousand rubles. Total 12 - 17 thousand turn out. Small business on purchase of the electronic assistant is able to afford such price.