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Dates - a delicacy, food or medicine?

will be A little Russians who did not taste dates. For residents of Russia dates - first of all a delicacy. However in tropical countries they deserved reputation desert bread . Dates - a surprising fruit to which in many countries attribute properties to strengthen human health and to prolong life.

They say that in China there are long-livers whose basis of food dates form only. In any case, it is very useful product, and many nutritionists recommend to use it instead of sweet. Besides, dates since age-old times were known for the curative properties. They were widely used for fight against various oncological diseases, tuberculosis, any tumors, infectious and other diseases.

It is considered that dried dates favorably influence a brain, increasing its productivity by 20% and more.

Dates - one of the most ancient fruit cultivated by the person. They serve as an important element of a diet in many countries of the world thanks to excellent taste and unique nutritious properties also today. Wild dates were used by ancestors of modern Arabs more than 5 - 7 thousand years ago. Israel successfully couched the seed of dates found in excavation of object of two-thousand-year prescription. This kind of date palm trees differed in special curative characteristics, but disappeared more than 500 years ago.

Images of dates meet on wall lists of the Egyptian tombs, and in ancient Babylon from them cooked even wine and vinegar. The dried, dried and fresh dates rich with mineral substances and sugar were a basis of a diet of bedouins. The Arab soldier, gathering in a campaign, surely took with itself, for maintenance of endurance and muscular force, 2 bags of dates, suspending them to a horse saddle on both sides. The greatest part of date palm trees grows in the Arab countries. The world leader in production and sale of dates is Saudi Arabia. Also Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Morocco, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia treat number of large producers and suppliers of dates. However date palm trees were delivered also to other parts of the world, and now grow in the USA (California), Mexico, Australia, the Republic of South Africa and in other countries. There is a lot of grades of dates that it is even hard for experts to understand them.

Fruits of date palm trees contain a lot of iron, magnesium, phosphorus, mineral salts, vitamins of groups A and B, irreplaceable amino acids, a protein, etc. Scientists consider that 10 dates a day are enough for ensuring daily need of the person for magnesium, copper, sulfur, a half of need for iron, a quarter of need for calcium. Some nutritionists claim that one date and a glass of milk can provide minimum necessary need of the person for nutrients. 23 types of the amino acids which are contained in dates are absent in the majority of other fruit. Dried fruits of dates contain 60 - 65% of sugar - the highest percent on comparison with all other fruit. And it is generally glucose and fructose which consumption does not bear negative consequences for a human body in comparison with sucrose.

On the nutritious, dietary and medicinal properties dates are equated to cereals. They are useful to adults, children, pregnant women. Fresh dates add to many dishes - fruit salads, rich rolls, home-made cookies, pies and cakes. From dates produce date honey, sugar, alcoholic date juice, from a tree core - palm flour. Fresh dates well remain in the refrigerator. Date sugar is much more useful to an organism, than reed or beet. If to put dried dates for a while in hot milk, their taste improves, and with an oil stuffing, nuts, almonds or dense cream the content of the proteins and a protein necessary for a chelovecheskim for an organism increases.

Arabs do paste which can be stored all the year round of dates. Fruits of dates also for preparation of compotes, muesli, kissel and all confectionery are used, are a magnificent dessert. They can be turned into flour, to receive a honey sort. After fermentation from them receive pleasant drink. It is necessary to tell that dates do not contain cholesterol at all. Dates are very useful to digestion, they make the clearing impact on a gastrointestinal tract. The Russian scientist I. I. Mechnikov recommended to consume dates at intestinal frustration. As dried and dried dates have a sticky surface, and on them pollutants and bacteria can get, it is not necessary to hold long them in the open air, and before the use it is necessary to wash.

Since age-old times dates were known for the curative properties. Was considered that fruits of date palm trees give strength, endurance, increase life expectancy, strengthen a man`s sexual potentiality. They strengthen heart, a liver and kidneys, promote development in intestines of useful bacteria, support acid balance of an organism and feed blood, promote development of the root terminations of a brain, increase ability of an organism to resist to various infections, including virus. Dates are useful also at anemia and a hypertension, to a breast and lungs, calm cough and promote a conclusion of phlegms, are extremely useful to brain activity. The food fibers which are contained in dates reduce risk of cancer diseases.

From - for the high content of potassium doctors recommend to use dates at warmly - vascular diseases. At heart failure dates stimulate action of the heart, serve as the toning and strengthening means, restore forces after a long illness. Dates at paralysis of a facial nerve help, at overfatigue and physical fatigue, at diabetes. Broth of dates with rice helps at dystrophy. Dates are especially useful to women at pregnancy, at the time of delivery and when feeding the child. They facilitate childbirth, promote the beginning of development by a female organism of milk. They are recommended also instead of sweets to those who adhere to a diet and try to support the weight normal.

Thus, it turns out - eat dates, and there will be a benefit to all your family. Be not ill!