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What do we look for in marriage, or to Hope and not to wait?

to Find the elect - great happiness. Be not frightened if search lasts two, three years, five, ten years.

Even more productively it will appear if the beloved makes a proposal of marriage. Means, the man is ready to take the responsibility for a young family. He is not afraid that ahead of you wait for household difficulties which, alas, not all maintain.

Sometimes the young woman considers that, having found the spouse, she exempted herself from many problems. But everything is not as simple as it seems. We just are forced to create happiness on particles. Many girls and guys are afraid of it. That is why they want to live in a civil marriage habitually. It does not oblige to anything. But also does not give any prospects.

The woman at any time can remain one. I will not tell new, but not everyone is afraid of it. Is also such that easily change partners. Weigh that can be taken from them. Look for any ways and openings to get out on the land . And it is difficult. The registration, the apartment, compliant relatives is necessary and it is desirable any tail behind in the past. Here also think whether such girl will be engaged in life? Something does not want paradise in a tent nobody now. One person and told me: And what I will wait for its growth ten years? Give me everything now. I am not my mummy who stayed all century one moreover and is proud of it .

But, say, the first step is taken. They undersigned. Feast and noise behind. What to begin with? If he waits for some coffee in a bed and it the same, then nobody will wait. Call of heart, without bitter reproach has to solve everything: Now your turn . Or: Here, you see what I?

Many women, this everyday occurrence, seek to change the spouse. It seems to them that it is not so difficult. I will tell frankly, as I by inexperience had such thought too. But, alas, from this nothing left. Do not tear in vain the nerves. Will not help. He can try to accompany you, but all this will be not seriously. And here the irritation can cause in the man. You will only lose the elect.

It is asked that prevented you to consider it closer slightly earlier who did not give? Are guilty. Do not nod on anybody. Neither mother, nor the father will give advice which will help to solve everything at once. You choose and only you. Yes, it is difficult. Very difficult. But it is not necessary to study the satellite ten years, and then to speak: I did not understand. Why I was not told earlier that he is an egoist .

Do not impose the principles of behavior to anybody, as if you did not want it. I understand that in each family there are habits. Perhaps, quite good. You want to introduce them in your family life. Take heart. It has an example of the family relations too. If he is silent, thinks, do not imagine that it will express the consent with you at once. You do not press on it the discontent. You will not get. Just between you one more will run black cat. The woman always has to look slightly forward. Eventually, it not only it, it and your life too.