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Why to the car fog lights?

there Came the fall. Ahead winter. Days became short. Rains, snow, fog still worsen visibility. The clothes of people became more faded, and cars - often dirty. It became more difficult to steer the car.

In the conditions of insufficient visibility the car has to be well noticeable to participants of traffic. And they are to a driver. Still the driver has to see the road and possible obstacles in it. To all this serves numerous light devices of the car. The main thing, of course, headlights about which I already wrote. Further on importance - marker lights and stop - signals. Now it is almost impossible to go also without turn signals though Rules still provide giving of these signals a hand, and even in the afternoon hardly anyone will pay attention to them.

Many cars have also fog lights and lamps. And they help not only with fog. About fog lights, their design features and effective use not everyone knows. Even drivers. What do they differ from other types of headlights in? And when they need to be included?

The biggest delusion - that these headlights have to have yellow glasses. Really, in rules it is said that fog lights have to have glasses of yellow or white color. And all. And many consider that yellow light is better punches fog. But it not so. There is no difference any. Fog lights of solid producers of automobile lighting engineering - white.

At fog lights the main thing - not color, but distribution of a light stream. They give a flat and wide horizontal beam which creeps directly over the road not to light thickness of fog on height. Often and fog does not reach directly the earth since it arises under conditions when the earth is warmer than air. Correctly adjusted headlights nearby - meters on ten shine. More it is also not necessary - speed in fog small. But they shine and in the parties - it is necessary to see a roadside and lines of a marking at poor visibility.

Some cars behind have also a fog red lamp. It shines brighter than marker lights and even signals of a brake. The back lamp has to burn in fog and day and night. It will allow the driver going behind in fog before you to see. In the afternoon in fog it is necessary to turn on instead of fog lights a driving beam of the main - not for lighting - light enough and that you were seen by counter drivers.

Fog lights are useful also without fog. Before them recommended to include in the dark on narrow roads with a large number of turns. Speed is small, and they shine and sideways. Now on some cars the main headlights turn after turn of a wheel. But also at the movement directly it is useful to shine sideways and on narrow forest roads, and when driving on the yards filled cars - the animal or the person can appear. I usually in such cases turn on at the same time fog lights and a passing beam of the main - it shines slightly farther.

Correctly use the available light devices - and your driving will become even safer.