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How there are magnetic storms and what solar activity is dangerous by?

Earth in embraces of the Sun

Such romantic name was given to the book by the founder of science about influence of the Sun on terrestrial affairs Alexander Chizhevsky. Really, we live only on favor of the Sun. It heats us, under its beams plants ripen, it creates circulation of air and moisture.

But it burns us, careless, on beaches, it dries up heat of the desert, is the reason of hurricanes. If to take Sun diameter for unit, then Earth is at distance a little more than hundred units. Nearby. So Earth literally floats in the solar atmosphere of, however, very rarefied. And the atmosphere of the Sun stretches much further a terrestrial orbit, nobody even knows as far as.

Solar wind Even behind an orbit of Pluto is felt by

influence of solar wind. Yes, yes, it is quite official term describing a stream of the particles which are let out by the Sun.

The surface on which solar wind enters interaction with galactic ions is located approximately a hundred times farther from the Sun, than Earth. Moving together with the Sun through interstellar gas, this surface creates ahead of itself a shock wave which is located in two - three times farther.

The naked Sun

Very few people are capable to imagine all power of the Sun. It is difficult to imagine its sizes, its temperature, force of its attraction. Just there are no terrestrial analogies. The air blanket of Earth protects us from considerable part of a violent sunlight, especially from its harmful ultra-violet components.

If the atmosphere was not, the majority of terrestrial organisms died in the first three seconds. And not from asthma.

The Sun every second burns five billion years on four million tons of the substance to turn it into heat, light, radio waves and X-rays.

Whether here only always evenly? By no means not. Sometimes it fades and shines rather quietly, but rages more often, pulses, blows up prominences or becomes covered by spots.

The most powerful storms on the Sun repeat with enviable constancy each eleven years. There are also longer, eighty-year-old, and even six hundred-summer cycles. And is also absolutely short, for example, opened by astronomers of the Crimea 160 - minute fluctuation of luminosity of the Sun.

The sun, climate and Tatar - the Mongolian yoke

meanwhile, the speech - that goes only about small, within percent shares, changes of solar activity. Change of activity for ten percent in this or that party would lead to a long freezing, or live on Earth burned all. And such periods for certain happened...

Between 1650 and 1710 of winter were splendidly long and cold. And, on the contrary, between 1100 and 1250 the radiation of the Sun was such powerful that the island of Greenland lost the most part of an ice armor that allowed to found settlements there.

The cyclones bearing moisture went considerably to the north, having brought rains, and with them and fertility, in a steppe zone of the Euroasian continent. It, in turn, led to a population explosion in Mongolia, to association of tribes and Tatar - to the Mongolian yoke.

Game at a tag

Activity of the Sun is formally estimated in size and quantity of solar spots. And so in described it was higher times of spots very much that they could be made out with the naked eye.

All know that on the Sun there are spots. But very few people imagine their sizes. And on a surface of a spot of the average sizes it is possible to place ten globes quietly. However, not for long they would stay there - temperature in vicinities of a spot exceeds temperature of boiling of the most refractory materials.

Carefully, spots

Communication between quantity of spots on the Sun, crop failures and price of bread was caught in the 18th century by the English scientist Gershel. And the foundation of system researches was laid at the beginning of the XX century by already mentioned Chizhevsky.

Synchronism of maxima of solar activity and emergence of wars and revolutions was proved.

It became clear that flashes provoke flashes of epidemics to the Sun. And cages of the Russian Academy of Sciences, not so long ago scientific from Institute of biophysics, defined why so occurs. It turned out that in days of the increased solar activity the organism develops more lymphocytes (the blood cells responsible for immunity), but their activity considerably decreases. As a result the organism loses ability to resist diseases.

The feeling sick is frequent we explain with influence of flashes and spots on our native sun. We try to foresee active days. We are interested in a geomagnetic situation. And the all-knowing Internet meets halfway. It is enough to glance, for example, on the website www. gismeteo. ru to be convinced that, alas, soon wait for us small geomagnetic indignations .