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Why others consider that they grew stupid with age?

And now I definitely understand nothing - we make a helpless gesture, we shrug shoulders and we do big round eyes.

What you do not know won`t hurt you! - cunning the neighbor in the house winks at you.

Uchenye - light! and Knowledge - force! - strongly sat down at skoruzla at generations from Ulyanov - Lenina to Gorbachev.

Yes where to find the truth? - we are thrashed by time about a wall, filling cyanotic cones.

Truth somewhere nearby - the officer Mulder from the blue screen echoes a humiliating echo.

A few years ago, having got acquainted with a philosophy subject, I could not but yawn from the overcome melancholy. Boring uncles from around the world as it appeared, in a row wrote several centuries some to them one clear truth, and crowds of interpreters, having armed with textbooks, tried to hammer into a brain to unfortunate students how this truth should be understood. At the same time to ask interpretation authors almost always it turned out impossible owing to what they rested long ago.

I suspect that the situation since a time of my students changed a little. But not everything was so cloudy in my short relations with science philosophy. You do not think - it, generally speaking, is not exposed me to rejection as the phenomenon. By no means. The science, of course, necessary - argues nobody.

One fine day I faced the philosophical statement. It sounded approximately so: The more I know, the more I do not know . Being tormented with not evidence of these words, I decided to go deep into Nikolay Kuzansky`s primary source. To great shame having in passing found out that the second word does not mean a surname and that this philosopher not Russian at all.

Having run on the work Scientific ignorance Kuzantsa, I was again convinced that all ingenious is simple. You remember the exaggerated statement that if you cannot ask a question, then it means one or the other: or you understood everything and explanations are not required, or on the contrary, did not understand anything at all. Here a red thread the idea of other work of Kuzants - about unity and identity infinitesimal and infinitely big, but the speech now not about that lay.

Whether it happened to you to hear the statement and complaints of some people consisting approximately in the following: All people over the years grow wiser, and I, apparently, grow stupid For certain, huh? How to explain them the events reason? It appears, it can be made on fingers .

Let your knowledge is insignificant. Let`s represent it in the form of a point on the plane. It is known that the point does not know perimeter or the area. On that it and a point. The plane surrounding a point is an ignorance. Apparently, your point of knowledge borders on the plane of ignorance is insignificant a little. Remember part of the statement that lack of questions testifies to negligibility of understanding or knowledge.

Let your knowledge increased and can be represented by a circle with a radius of one conventional unit. Then length of border it with the plane of ignorance will make about 6,3 conventional units. Your ignorance increased. There were questions. You began to understand something in what to you is explained. The understanding brings to new questions sooner or later. Finding of answers to them increases the radius of a circle of your knowledge. Whether the lie by the way is necessary to us the term outlook ?

Now the radius of your knowledge is 10 conventional units. But here the trouble - border with ignorance also grew. Now its length whole 63 units! You have a sea of questions while there are no answers. But you aspire to them, find, and it is good.

What result? Yes in accuracy describing the words than is more senior , etc. And then become clear unity, apparently, of the complete antitheses - infinitesimal and infinitely big. And then it seems that sir Isaac Newton not for nothing used to say that he represented himself the little boy who plays on the sea coast in stones and cockleshells while before it the great unknown ocean of truth lies.

Now I am able to explain one of the possible reasons of the seeming glupeniye of the person with age. I think, you too. I wish you to learn exactly so much how many it will be required. To nobody to other as to you to determine the area of the outlook.