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Why asteroids Hector and Patroclos appeared not on the places ?

B scientifically - fantastic literature are mentioned Lagrange`s points long ago. Different authors as if compete in inventing for them the most interesting application. What so attract with these strange points of science fiction writers and why I begin with them? But because in vicinities of these points there are asteroids about which the speech will go.

So, I will refer to Wikipedia: Lagrange`s points (also known as points of a libration or L - points) are such points in system from two massive bodies in which the third body with a negligible weight is affected by no other forces, except gravitational forces from these two massive bodies. It can remain motionless concerning these ph.

To such solution of a task on three bodies (having circular orbits), one of which on weight is much less than others, in 1772 Joseph Louis Lagrange came. In honor of this mathematician points which in this decision there can be five were also called. Therefore Lagrange`s points designate a capital Latin letter L with a numerical index from 1 to 5.

We are interested in points of L4 and L5. If the mass of one of massive bodies is much less than the weight of another, points of L4 and L5 are located in an orbit of less massive body, on 60 ahead and behind it. These points also call triangular or Trojan.

In other words, any asteroid which got in Trojan " area; (where the gravitational forces operating on a small body are counterbalanced with centrifugal force), could not escape from it any more.

Asteroids in vicinities of points of Lagrange in system the Sun - Jupiter are most known. For the first of Trojan asteroids in 1906 the German astronomer Max Wolf open Achilles, as became the assignment reason for all for asteroids of names of heroes of the Illiada open subsequently. By convention asteroids around a point of L4 call by the names of the Greek heroes, and around L5 point - names of defenders of Troy. Hector and Patroclos appeared not on the places as this tradition developed later.

Achaean camp : Achilles, Hector, Nestor, Agamnemon, Odysseus, Ajax, the Anti-sucker, Diomede, Menelaus, etc. advance Jupiter on 60 .

Trojan camp : Patroclos, Priam, Aeneas, Antif, Troilus, etc. - lag behind on 60 .

The modern system of naming of asteroids is not pleasant to many scientists. Traditions in names are observed more and more seldom. But even with traditional Trojans there is a problem. Asteroids openly more than one hundred, still continue to open them. Therefore astronomers are forced to find in the Illiada everything the new characters at least once mentioned by Homer.

Now scientists work on opening Trojans attendants and Neptune. Recently found asteroids of the Neptune are recognized as the fourth (whether but the last?) steady group of asteroids in Solar system. Three other groups are Koyper`s belt located behind the Neptune`s orbit, Trojans Jupiter and main poyasasteroid between Mars and Jupiter.

How many in the Universe it is hidden riddles which answer will never bore to look for to mankind? Time will tell.