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Whether coffee is harmful?

Since the most ancient times of coffee are applied as remedy. The Arab doctor and the alchemist Razes till 1000 of our era described curative properties of " drink in the compositions; binchum i.e. coffee. In the east considered that coffee accelerates thought, heart amuses, helps against eye diseases, is excellent gout medicine and a scurvy.

It is known also that one of court doctors prescribed in 1665 to the Russian tsar Alexey Mikhaylovich the recipe: Boiled coffee, Persians and Turks znayemy, and usual after a lunch... fair there is medicine, against nadmeniye, nasmorok and glavoboleniye .

Coffee - an old remedy for headache, and means, according to doctors, good. Many headaches, especially migraines, are caused by expansion of vessels of a brain, and the caffeine which is contained in coffee narrows them though expands vessels in other parts of a body.

There was time. On the basis of caffeine learned to do the most various drugs. And curative properties of coffee were forgotten. We got used to coffee, as to daily drink.

Coffee - tonic. Its exciting action is connected with caffeine presence. Drinking coffee, we thereby receive very small dose of the toning medicine. The cup of coffee refreshes in the morning, invigorates, increases working capacity. Experiences showed that after reception of coffee of the typist print quicker, make less mistakes. At drivers reaction to braking and a driving beam accelerates. But reception of coffee does not help drunk drivers at all. Certainly, children should not accept tonics, they can excessively be excited therefore also coffee, especially without milk, before 10 - 12 years they should not drink.

However in high doses of coffee has the oppressing effect. Therefore some doctors prescribe the patients having sleeplessness to drink couple of cups of very strong coffee for the night. Surprisingly, but coffee is useful also to children with painful hyperactivity.

Under the influence of coffee not only the nervous system, but also the sosudodvigatelny center is excited. It leads to expansion of vessels of heart. Reacts to coffee and digestion. Approximately in half an hour after its reception acidity of gastric juice reaches a maximum. It accelerates digestion process, the food is better acquired. Here what caused tradition to serve coffee for a dessert.

It is clear, that from - for the described effects of coffee it is better not to drink that who has diseases of vessels, atherosclerosis, gastritis or stomach ulcer.

For the healthy person a question consists not in the coffee rather, and in that how many and when it can be drunk. Physicians answer this question so: to the healthy person in reasonable amount of coffee it is useful. What, however, it is possible to tell about any product. Having drunk several liters of milk at once, very much it is even possible to be hospitalized. But nobody doubts usefulness of milk!