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What to look in Cairo at?

Seven hundred seventy seven

Of course, Egypt is glorified by pyramids. But pyramids are not Egypt yet. Though its biggest sight.

Miracle is also all country across which territory the longest river in the world, and its capital of Cairo - the largest city of Africa, the third city of the world in size and on population density flows. As guides assure, the population reached it 18 million people and continues to grow.

Only to work here daily there come from suburbs 3 million people - so much how many lives in the capital of Ukraine.

What it is possible to behold in a subsoil of this megalopolis? Not seven, but, at least, seven hundred seventy seven miracles expect us here. To list them, not only this article, but also all website will not be enough. Therefore we will stop on most, from our point of view, interesting.

Mosques, mosques, mosques...

it is the best of all for b to watch

at Cairo from high walls of the Citadel. It is one of the oldest fortresses in the world, it was put at the end of the 12th century by the governor of Egypt Salakh - ed - Dynes, or as it is more habitual for Europeans, Saladdin. It is perfectly visible both pyramids, and magnificent Old Cairo, and, of course, a paling of minarets in and around fortress.

Your attention will be at once drawn by the huge mosque of Muhammad Ali, or as it is called still, Alabastarskaya. This beautiful building revetted with translucent pink alabaster, the outstanding governor and the reformer of Egypt Muhammad Ali the Pasha is erected. That urgently needed to pray for forgiveness of sins after, having forgotten laws of hospitality, he ordered to interrupt about five hundred staying with it mamlyuksky beev.

In general in the city more than 300 mosques. Cairo - mainly Muslim city. Here to the right of an observation deck of the Citadel the unique mosque of Al - Azkhar with the forking minaret is seen. There are no such anywhere in the world. But the mosque not only is well-known for a minaret. At it there is an Islamic university, oldest in the world, at which first lectures were given in 975! His theologians also until now hold authority among Muslims of the whole world.

Near the Citadel, directly under its observation deck, there are two mosques very similar at each other. But if one of them, the mosque of the sultan Hassan, is constructed in the 14th century, then it twin the mosque Rifai - creation of last century. In the mosque Rifai members of the Egyptian royal family and the last shah of Iran Muhammad Raza of Pehlevi are based.

It is necessary to mention also the most ancient Ibn Tulun`s mosque in Cairo. It is constructed at the end of the 9th century, to the official basis of Cairo.

Ten percent of Christianity

should not think as if they in Egypt believe only in Allah. Ten percent of the believer of the population of Egypt - the Copts professing Christianity. In Old Cairo there are six Christian churches. Of course, it is not wonders of the world, but all the same interesting objects for acquaintance and honoring. The most known of them - Al - Muallaka ( trailing ) and Abu Serga.

Trailing it is called so because is at top of the southern gate of a fortress of Babylon Egyptian. Its age - not less than one and a half thousand years.

So ancient church of Abu Serga is constructed over a grotto where the Holy Family running to Egypt from atrocities of the tsar Herod took cover.

A miracle - the museums or the museums of miracles?

Still nobody called the museums the wonder of the world, and it is a pity. Probably, the museum should burn down completely that it, like the Alexandria library, began to be called so. Cairo is famous for the museums. Even fluent survey would demand them several months. Most fully history of Egypt is presented in three museums: Egyptian, Coptic and Islamic art.

The national Egyptian museum contains 150 thousand exhibits. It is slightly less, than in Louvre, but what it is exhibits! You will not see such big collection of Ancient Egyptian rarities any more anywhere in the world.

Only one treasures of a tomb of Tutankhamun of what stand! It is only of imperial tombs, found not plundered, remained in an original form. And where still you will be able to see mummies of 11 Pharaohs at once?

In Cairo there is the largest museum of Islamic art in the Middle East. Here manuscripts and miniatures, carpets and fabrics, the weapon and coins - only more than 60 thousand exhibits displaying history of Islam and the present are submitted.

Also Copts are not forgotten. Already building of the Coptic museum can serve as an exhibit - its doors, balconies, window lattices are taken from old Coptic houses.

So, having visited Egypt, do not go in cycles in pyramids!