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Whether and all is useful what we eat?

It is no secret that the civilization reached a high level of development for today. Especially it concerns human life. But there is a set of factors which reduce this life. Also it is not so much about diseases, bad habits or bad ecology. It is in total - navsy about the improper or harmful feeding.

Today on counters of shops it is possible to see the widest range of goods. Whether but everything it is suitable in food? So production which we see every day on the TV is harmless? When you buy to the child ordinary a chup - chups, hardly reflect as far as it is actually harmful.

What it is necessary to refuse flatly?

" Aerated water;. one glass of such carbonic drink contains about 4 - 5 spoons of sugar. You do not want to become a diabetic? It is clear, that sugar will not satisfy thirst. Besides, aerated water is no other than mix of dyes and fragrances. To drink such muck in which it is added a floor - the textbook of organic chemistry I would not advise you. Better juice or green tea.

Snickerses and other paradise pleasures . Here the sugar surplus + existence of transgene products takes place too. Do not trust advertizing - ate also an order. Most likely, in half an hour your stomach again discontentedly zaurchit.

Chips. the opinion that the artificial chips restored from powder starch are safe also nekaloriyna Occurs. This delusion. Actually there isn`t much choice: the fried chips through soaked with oil, or their analog - powder, consisting generally of the modified starch and flavoring additives. So to chips - resolute is not present !

Instant soups, mashed potatoes are not recommended from - for existence empty calories. Seasonings to them too sharp, and you know why? To create feeling of satiety which, by the way, will pass in an hour and you will want to eat again. If there is a wish to have a bite, buy a roll with kefir better.

Uncountable a chupa - chupsa , chewing gum, lollipops - and years through 10 it is possible to be left in general without teeth. And do them of the same components, as carbonated drinks. Buy caramel on the basis of fructose - it more useful and safer.

Just add water. All remember advertizing? When the company of young people dances at a party, sipping this drink. Sometimes similar drinkings came to an end in hospital. Thank God, these 90 - e passed years, the income of people increased, and now the people give preference to natural juice.

Meat production. Sausage for 60 rubles, of course, differs from sausage for 160. In it there are more substitutes and soy. But, meanwhile, any sausage and each piece of a sausage contains the mass of the hidden fats and additives. And it is not important, expensive it or not really. Buy better natural meat. By the way, about meat. In total - trust domestic producer. He though is dearer, but who knows, than fed those crocodiles and buffalo s what is carried to us from - for borders?

People - very strange beings. We try to eat only useful, but, meanwhile, we cannot live without delicacies . Think of the health. Maybe not now, but years through 10 - 20 it precisely it is useful to you. And still think of the children. They generally buy all these chips and bars. Protect them from junk food in it already the unsafe world.