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White Olympic Games 2014: pride or tragedy of inhabitants of Sochi?

Inhabitants of Sochi - the people surprising, solar. Everything that they do - with all the heart. Arrived once on the South in search of the better life or been born on this earth, all of them it is unusually sincere in the feelings. Such different, all are similar in one - in mad love to the city.

That memorable summer night they were on Theatre Square, dressed in t-shirts with the Olympic symbolics and as the prayer was repeated by words of the popular song which unexpectedly rose to the level of national idea: Yes - yes! We will win race! Yes - yes! Russia - the champion! . And what it was necessary to sing if the official preolympic anthem impressed nobody and it was remembered to nobody? But, when announced results, the ten-thousand crowd in a uniform rush chanted: Sochi! Sochi! . Both rejoiced, and cried with happiness and pride of the Solar Sochi awarded huge honor. And then on foot, till the morning, went on the federal highway, without harboring malice against the crowded minibuses and the taxi drivers asking from one thousand and above rushing by. Let them. It is possible and to reach on foot when such holiday.

And meanwhile apple had no place to fall in a small Adler churchlet. Here too inhabitants of Sochi gathered. They stood a night service and too prayed. But not for a victory of Sochi. For defeat. It were inhabitants of the Imereti bay - heart of future Olympic town. They already then understood, than the Olympic Games threaten simple people. And soon understood also all others.

At first jumped up the prices. Not only on real estate - on everything, including products and souvenirs for visitors. The new prices and were called - Olympic . And then rumors spread. That the city will be closed and any person will not get to it without special invitation or the tour. That all inhabitants of Sochi will be moved far to mountains. That to buy housing and the land will be on the state quotations, that is for nothing (in the center of Adler on a state quotation the square meter costs 400 rubles). That the Olympic law will deprive of an opportunity to protect the constitutional rights.

In the Imereti bay the first conflicts began. Investors began to dodge, offer locals more and more modest options. And inhabitants of other hovels once allocated to them, employees of economy Southern cultures as temporary barracks, lived without elementary conveniences several decades. And on the Olympic Games hoped as for a miracle which will present them normal, human conditions for life. Yes it is visible, in vain. Investors found a convenient way to pay less - to recognize part of the redeemed constructions illegal. Here began to be understood only as illegal constructions also the summer kitchen twenty years ago attached to a barrack - to a lodge, and a toilet with a cesspool which used for the lack of the sewerage.

Letters departed to the close Bocharov Ruchei and the far IOC. Suddenly though someone will protect, will help? Pride of inhabitants of Sochi was replaced by despair. And bitterness. To live bitterly, very bitterly in fear in a tomorrow when all country lives in hopes on the Olympic future. Sochi is under construction and develops. Beautiful buildings, expensive shops, modern roads. Whether here to it inhabitants of Sochi if they them deprive of houses will be able only to be glad and will move from the center to deaf settlements? And whether all of us need such Sochi? Quickly we forgot the most important: the solar city is done by people. Solar inhabitants of Sochi!