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When the Pentagon blew up?

on October 21, 1967, exactly 40 years ago, around the well-known American pentagon - the Pentagon - the small ill-matched crowd gathered. Comers were dressed who in what, but in any case not as it is necessary to decent people - the majority in supertorn jeans, some loose overalls, in bright clothes. As if someone invisible collected the protesting weight in this place and sent it to this point of Washington.

Such crowd could not but interest policemen. But as soon as cops approached, their surprise only increased. At the majority from tourists in hands there were roulettes, compasses and other measuring and descriptive devices. The senior of patrol not really politely took an interest: What did you gather, bolezny? . Explained to him: to make measurement of the building. If walls of the building are approximately equal, then it is a pentagram, a devil sign, and from it all troubles which fall upon the USA from time to time. And to avoid future tragedies, it is necessary to clear the building of spirit of hatred and rage immediately. As it will occur, it will be possible to observe at night when as much as possible evil spirits gather in the Pentagon! Then they will also be destroyed high power of prayer!

The cop could not hide a smile: And how you, children, are convinced that the building is cleared of evil spirits? . Elementary, - the head of delegation of zameryalshchik shrugged shoulders, - as soon as the prayer begins to work, the building will soar over the earth! .

But the confused police officer refused to trust the ears. And on how many inches you want to raise the building? Inches? - burst out laughing to it in a face, - we will begin to potter from - for some inches, here you will see: it will fly up as pretty exactly on hundred feet!

Figure hundred took magic effect. In a few minutes on it it was reported upward, the Minister of Defence Robert McNamara, having learned about such unusual event, right there collected generals. And opinions of generals were shared: one said that it is nonsense dog, others hotly convinced not to blaspheme, and the third everything was violet. The fourth were burned with curiosity: it will turn out - it will not turn out? But, eventually, was the decision is made: to clean from filth, to clean so, but here it is optional to raise the Pentagon on 100 feet at all, there are enough also 10 feet

What represents the Pentagon? There is its short story. Construction of the building intended for placement of the Ministry of Defence of the USA was complete on January 15, 1943. At that time it was the world`s largest office construction. It was completely built on 29 acres of the earth in 16 months from the date of a bookmark. The total cost of design and construction of the building made the huge sum - 132,6 million dollars. And now some easy riders came...

Evening of the same day, hardly darkened, around the Pentagon the many thousands crowd began to get denser. Here is how one of eyewitnesses describes religious rite: The Motley crowd from the beatniks beaten by a moth and the hippies blossoming youth in a multi-colored tatter, the cheerful foolishes and eggheaded intellectuals surrounded an ominous pentagon. Ahead there was a vanguard: the Indian shaman from the tribe of shoshon with a tambourine, Buddhist monks with graggerses, Allen Ginsberg with a favourite accordion, priests of unknown cults with hand bells, pipes and rattles, klikush with megaphones, amateur magicians, magicians, magicians, magicians, witches and sorcerers - in America of their those years was a dime a dozen. Noise, squeal and crash blocked howls of group of Ad Senders, fate - the singer, the preacher and the poet, the expert on the Egyptian hieroglyphs and intimate knowledge of ancient priests .

By the way, headed all this show of Ebbi Hoffman, the cheerful and talented trouble-maker, agitating America thirty years. The favourite entertainment of the mischievous person was to scatter or destroy bank notes, but this time he did not use the trick. But for neutralizations the national guardsmen who surrounded the building it was applied new confidential Hoffman`s weapon - a miracle elixir for a potentiality raising. On the eve of Ebbi together with assistants carried out a press - conference during which generously sprinkled elixir couples began to break right there the friend from the friend clothes and immediately made love directly in front of chambers. Journalists, greedy for sensation, demanded that also they were sprinkled with this miracle too, but damped their ardor: Not time, companions. To all the hour .

Shot at guardsmen elixir from water guns, but they instead of snatching on pretty young ladies whom before the Pentagon gathered nemeryano were only gloomy shown. Probably, saved sexual energy

About midnight Allen Ginsberg took seat on hunkers and monotonously got the sacred word Ohm . It was picked up right there by thousands of voices. And here - came true! As Ebbi, " remembered; in the pulsing light of searchlights under chirring of helicopter propellers the Pentagon slowly rose in air and hanged as an UFO. Surprised me how easily it happened .

In same also all his supporters to whom it seemed that the Pentagon hanged over the earth could swear. Here to what gorilka brings people! Or a grass which before a campaign to the Ministry of Defence was smoked by praying. Because any national guardsman did not notice this great flight

A in a year, in 1968, Ebbi Hoffman made the stock slightly more modestly, having declared new revolution. This time its purposes were a bit differents. As Ebbi declared: To Abolish paid toilets! Here the revolution purpose - immortality for all the living and free toilets! . But here I put an end: this history still expects the writing