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How many you pay for dirty hands? Did not guess It is much more! On October 15 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared

in the Afternoon of washing of hands. World. Why specialists of WHO consider such simple action so important that they remind about is mute even here in such exotic way? And what can force the modern person to wash hands as often as possible?

And let`s consider this simple hygienic action from the financial point of view.

Wash hands before food! The First precept of hygiene

All of us remember that it is necessary to wash hands before food. And the majority of us even do it! However, not always. And scientists - epidemiologists advise to wash hands not only before food, but also after visit of a toilet, after a trip in public transport, after recalculation of money in a purse, after handshake

Of course, all these recommendations cannot simply be carried out! Happens that you, going down the street, suddenly unplanned buy a bag of the crackling chips or ice cream in a wafer cup Or in circumstances of a time trouble you run in a lunch break to have a bite in some snack bar. You forget to wash hands (even if there is such opportunity) sometimes. Like, and so will descend, there is no time at all. It is necessary to work money, to earn...

And you never reflected in how many dirty hands just in money manage? In what sum? How many we lose bank notes, just taking out dirty hands chips from a bag or not having washed a hand before a lunch Is not present

? Why?

Even if you were never ill diseases of dirty hands - cholera, a typhoid, jaundice, etc., banal food poisoning was tested in the life by each person. At least once!

Besides, seasonal weakening of health with its unpleasant consequences - cold, a headache, irritation in a throat, swallowing of tablets and the lowered working capacity we in many respects are obliged to the same dirty hands.

And all - how you think how many money during life of people spends for treatment of the diseases caused by dirty hands?

Inquiry how many there are dirty hands Google, Rambler, Yandex and other searchers left without answer. The Required combination of words does not meet " anywhere;. The turn of medical magazines and even personal blogs of doctors came.

And suddenly... Oh, miracle!

The sum is found. However, it was the website on the American economy, that is the statistics is published the American: The Average American spends for treatment diseases of dirty hands during life about 90 000 dollars . Ninety thousand dollars!!

And the average income of the American citizen (according to the American employment agency for 2006) in total - navsy 36 000 dollars. Nearly three years are thrown out from life just from - for the fact that people are lazy to wash hands! And it is only expenditure for drugs and payment of medical services. And indirect losses?

Adjusted for the Russian reality we will divide this sum on

All the same turns out the cost of the new car. It turns out, you give money for the brand new car during the life in a charge of doctors and drug manufacturers. You are not sorry?

Here and me it is a pity. Money not so just gets that them here so

So let`s not only remember the first precept of hygiene Wash hands before food! but also to carry out it!

Simply, holding up hands under a water stream, soaping them soap, washing away this soap and wiping hands dry pure (it is better disposable) a towel, we save on average nearly three years of own life. Or rather, that money which for these three years we earn. It seems to me, they can find much the best application, than purchase of the next portion of tablets for

generally, choose!