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Really it is Nokia?

Mobile phones already strongly entered our everyday life.

I do not know how you, and I feel not absolutely comfortably, having left at home this electronic benefit. For me phone is not only a means of communication. I got used that the mobile phone combines a great lot useful (and not really) functions. It is known that mobile technologies develop with great strides, and these poleznost in phones become more and more.

For this reason long I do not use one model. Recently (and already again) I decided to buy to myself the new mobile phone. After long searches and studying of descriptions of various models my choice fell on Nokia 6300. Quite stylish model, not especially expensive, plus there are almost all frills. Confused only the fact that there is no flashlight, but, as they say, nothing in our world is perfect.

The price, of course, does not bite, but money superfluous does not happen, and in salon for such device asks obviously over its actual cost. Therefore, long without deliberating, I bought in the next booth To Soyuzpechat " newspaper; From hand to hand . This edition more than once helped out me. So it also appeared - the price of new phone at underground shopkeepers it was 10 times less store. One call - and here I already rush behind desirable purchase.

We met the person to whom I called, in the downtown. My first acquaintance to the device very pleased me: phone was really new, all protective plenochka were on the place, audibility excellent, in a hand lies as poured. Having exchanged terribly earned on a box with phone, I hurried away. But, how long it is known, haste - not the best adviser in such business.

My happiness lasted not for long - exactly before arrival home and connections of phone to the computer. What my surprise when the computer suddenly found " was; unknown " device;! How so, Nokia and without digital signature?! On heart it is unpleasant zaskreblo. Then I established from a disk which went in a set, the program for synchronization - Nokia PC Suite, but she persistently did not want to see phone.

As it is easily possible to guess, my attempt to return phone was not crowned with success. Money, naturally, refused to return to me. Inquiries about an origin Nokia too were left without answer. At first I despaired, but then I have all - the faint hope smoldered that it is all ON phone.

Without wasting time and self-control, I climbed on the website nokia. com to learn whether they are available to this model of updating of the software. There it was required to enter the seven-digit code located under the battery that I also made. After sending inquiry I received the answer that version 5 insertion is available. 0. Having downloaded a proshivalshchik, I tried to sew this miracle, but the program of phone did not see again.

Later I found out that under the battery not Nokia corporation, some an absolutely is written to me not the known Nokai corporation though on the forward panel Nokia was engraved. Later I had an opportunity to compare the device to natural Nokia 6300. Appearance is almost identical. There are only 3 differences:

on a fake the inscription Nokia on the face not silvery, but transparent;

behind over a chamber does not have the Nokia logo;

on the keyboard except Cyrillics and Latin some unclear badges.

On a stuffing it is the earth and the sky. Even it is a shame to compare a fake to the original! The minimum, quality of the picture is much worse than functions at the double, than at the original, the loudspeaker at the maximum loudness begins to rattle, a camera at best 1. 3 MRh. Here, however, blue tooth and a memory card slot nevertheless are present. Such here Nokia - Nokai. After a while I learned that Nokia N95 fakes so, doing similar acquisitions, be extremely careful were available for sale.

Successful to you purchases, Lord!