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To eat... not to get fat? The Mediterranean diet of

Those who at least sometime asked a question: That to eat it to grow thin? - surely heard about the Mediterranean diet.

Happening as the tourist in Italy, Greece and Spain, I delightfully looked at abundance of fruit and vegetables and knowingly nodded: Well, of course - this Mediterranean, it it also is - the Mediterranean diet! Also ran further: on the beach, on excursion, behind souvenirs.

And, coming home, I was firmly sure - the Greek cheese salad feta and olive oil for breakfast, a lunch and a dinner, any bread and macaroni, fruit of unlimited number - here that it is necessary for me for a healthy and total energy of life! But the organism refused to trust, house - especially, and, not without regret, I came back to native pelmeni, cutlets and potato.

Once it turned out so that I was late in Spain not for a month. There was an opportunity to look narrowly: really they precisely eat one salads?! And what is it - the Mediterranean diet? Why speak about it very much? And why so are proud? Here it is studied by institutes and clinics, serious programs on television, not to mention the whole culinary channel are devoted to it.

The first that concerned. the Salad from leaves with olives filled with oil and vinegar is, unlike our traditions, not snack, it over . In local, not on the tourists calculated restaurants can bring all dishes: and the first, and the main, and salad.

The second that understood: it is not a diet, to grow thin . It is the balanced diet that not to get fat .

Traditional healthy food is what simple people ate that the earth at which they worked gave rise. What gave ease and long feeling of satiety at the same time. Besides - what could be kept in hot climate. The benefit, vegetables and fruit grow here almost all the year round therefore there is no need to learn to make sour cabbage and to salt mushrooms. But there are a lot of cheeses. There is no other way to keep milk in hot climate. And cheeses generally from goat and sheep milk - are not present spacious and fertile pastures for cows here. In mountains it is easier for sheep and goats to live.

The third: why so are proud of it? This real property. Yes, yes! For the first time more than 50 years ago the applied term Mediterranean diet the American epidemiologist Ancel Keyes described not only a phenomenon of longevity of inhabitants of the Mediterranean, but also a phenomenon of increase of an incidence of cardiovascular diseases in the countries on a measure removals food habits from the Mediterranean standards.

And if this property - that it has to be protected. And it is very actual presently when on the one hand - fast food available continually, and on the other hand - the far-fetched standards of the industry of fashion moving women (not only the most very young) to follow unhealthy diets. Very much it is pleasant to me how care in Spain for promoting of traditional standards of food! By the way, Spain - the first country which imposed a ban to work at podiums to models - anorexics.

Here three main reasons for undoubted advantage of the Mediterranean diet:

low content of animal fats and fast sugars;

high content of food fibers;

high content an omega - 3 fatty acids and antioxidants.

But it is scientific conclusions, result of long-term researches. And that it Mediterranean diet every day?

About they are to be continued