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How to choose the cell phone? From the technical point of view.

Are written very many articles about how to choose the mobile device.

Everything unites them one: they describe approach to business from the point of view of the consumer, prettiness of the menu and existence of a photo - and video cameras, without mentioning a technical essence.

Here tell, you need the fancy device which will not be able to phone in rush hour ? I think, such situation will suit a little whom, and actually it happens pretty often.

Therefore it will be a question further of how to choose phone on its technical characteristics.

The first what it is worth paying attention to is on support of codecs : HR, FR, eFR, AMR. From all list we most of all are interested in the first.

In rush hours when loading increases in a network, the majority of base stations also works at the first codec (HR). The percent of use of FR is extremely low. As for the last codec, it for the present works not everywhere, and its existence will be powerful, but not critical plus. Attempt to call from the mobile phone which does not support the HR codec rush hour will lead to deplorable result: The Network is occupied .

Unfortunately to find information on the supporting codec in shop it is quite problematic. Not least from - for quite low qualification of employees. They specialize in external frills of phone more and are not always informed on technical indicators. Therefore it is better to look for such information on the Internet.

Many pay attention to operating time of rechargeable batteries . Actually, it is quite mythical indicator. To understand by what criteria producers estimate it is time, it is almost impossible. Cases when the accumulator of the cell phone sits down four hours later after a full charge instead of put by two hundred forty are quite widespread. It is about a waiting mode. It is possible to pay attention to this indicator, of course, here only you should not trust it.

Strangely enough, it is necessary to look at frequency range operation of this phone. The main a little: 900,1800,1900 and UMTS (better known as 3G). Actually, them more. It happens so that phone supports only 1800 or 900/1900. In our country in the course two ranges: 900 and 1800, your mobile device also has to support them. It does not make sense to be lost in contemplation of a beautiful abbreviation 3G, in any case, yet if you do not go often to Europe.

The class of the mobile device is also quite essential. Though now 4 classes generally meet, but there are also exceptions. The class of the mobile device is higher, the it will be worse to accept a signal. Below you should not take too as the maximum output power in system of cellular communication for mobile devices does not exceed 2 W. Optimum classes 4 in GSM 900 and 1 in GSM 1800.

I hope, these small technical councils will help you to pick up the correct mobile device to iizbezhat an excessive price markup of the price for functions unnecessary you as, for example, 3G.

And still it is worth deciding for himself that for you the mobile device: means of communication or show off. If a means of communication which has to work always then it is necessary to take advice above if communication not especially interests you, then it is possible to listen to experts of retail of mobile phones.