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How not to fail examination?

Examinations - it is a nightmare, even pensioners wake up in ice sweat, having dreamed about the Hyena Ivanovna who ruthlessly heated them three hundred years ago at examination in an English or a matan.

So, dear student,


1. the number of tickets on the number of days before examination Undressed. It as fitness - let only an hour, but every day. Everything is strict on system. And it is unimportant that the whole year you selflessly played Fool - at least now live strictly according to the plan, and then in the last three days to you there will be no hysterics out of which only the fairy godmother, the patroness of idlers can bring.

2. Prepare together with friends. Of course, there is a risk to turn study into a mad party, but together all the same best of all it turns out. It is possible to prove, for example, aloud theorems or to retell each other books because one person cannot read all list to examination in literature in principle.

3. Summarize, but do not cram. The most productive way - to get a thick notebook with silently coming off pages and to write in it answers to examination questions. On the back do not write, only on one party, according to the page on a question. So you involve all types of memory and the subject will harmonously settle in your head. On the eve of examination you will just thumb through a treasured notebook and at once will remember everything that is necessary. Besides it and is useful then to you.


1. Put in a bag a notebook with cribs - abstracts. It is enough to much know that to them is from where to write off, - they calm down at once and hand over, even without having got a crib.

2. Rehearse. If from one thought of the forthcoming test you become covered cold then and red spots, ask somebody to drive you under examination cards.


1. Go to bed a bit earlier. Said to you that to the good student one night to learn though Chinese suffices though what? Nonsense! It was thought up by idlers that though to raise a little a self-assessment.

2. Be adjusted on a wave. Desperate situations do not happen, not passed examinations - too. The most terrible that threatens you, is a repeating an examination on which you will surely collect will in a fist and you will receive the necessary assessment. Unless all this is worth it to bring itself to a nervous breakdown? It is unlikely. But, if you are confident in a victory, your tranquility will be felt even by the most harmful teacher and just will not dare to put such strong, independent and creative person two points.

3. In advance live failure situation. It is very effective psychological reception. Most of all we are frightened by uncertainty. But if you in all details present as in what sequence you will do if you fill up examination, then your fear will decrease at least twice. And if you all - do not hand over examination, then, at least, will precisely know what to do.


1. do not bring flowers. So frank backscratching will hardly be pleasant to the person with an academic degree.

2. Learn how the teacher looks. If you were not on one occupation, ask to show you the teacher convincingly to meet it, as with the old acquaintance. At the same time ask friends that is pleasant to it more: long reasonings, smiling students or debaters.

3. to answer Idi in the first five. Especially if you are more or less ready. But do not climb to the teacher in a mouth ahead of the planet only. Be the third or fourth: while the first answer, you will have more time for preparation. At the same time you will understand in what mood the examiner and whether strongly he is ferocious.

4. do not allow to give to you a mark worse than that on which counted. Until the examiner drew it with the handle in the sheet, you have a chance to fight. To sob, row and panic - means to spoil business. Ask to ask you some more questions &ndash better; it very much bribes.

5. Try not to write off. Suppress panic attack &ndash better; and by all means you will remember though something from what learned. But if got into spurs, do it with a straight face. And that you will be kindled itself and you will bring all around - the teacher, having caught you, will begin to vypasat the others with the trebled energy.