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Whether it is possible to become the famous chansonnier, living in the Russian solitude? WHETHER


Vladimir Kulikov, very talented and very modest musician, was born and lives in the settlement River, the Kirov region. Being a boy played in school ensemble - lit in school discos.

Studying at the Kirov Polytechnical Institute, he already began to direct VIA and began to compose music. Songs turned out in different musical styles: priest, fate, chanson...

The service in Army did not separate Vladimir from music too. And it happened to serve it on fleet.

Children reached for it,

feeling the width and talent of its creative nature. Vladimir also finds forces and time for creation of musical collective in the army everyday life which is strictly painted on time. Its ensemble pleased and lifted fighting spirit of seamen.

After service in Army Vladimir returned to the native village. To work went to local sanatorium the engineer the operator. And the district in their area should be told is famous for the natural beauty. Around the village the wild, primitive woods stretch for many kilometers,

ringing crystal silence Working in a radio cabin of sanatorium, Vladimir put also disks with songs on the music: Gold of sunflowers, War and peace, I Love and I remember, There`s Nothing To Be Done, Rechenk, Blue Dales, you do not love, Snow evening, the sky, Boys Cries. These songs were pleasant to people and to the cabin to Vladimir vacationers stretched with the questions and requests to write down them these songs! Asked: And what the cool song is now sounded? Who sings it? And who wrote? And where you get such novelties?!

Vladimir modestly answered that he sings and that his music, and words of the poetess Olga Matylkova.

People liked to listen to Vladimir`s songs and they asked to put them again and again! And Vladimir, having overcome the born modesty, began to declare on sanatorium radio that he sings this or that song.

Vacationers came to sanatorium from different corners of Russia. Doctors in sanatorium highly skilled, the nature around the most beautiful, silence the sheer, a zateryannost in a solitude and isolation from a civilization almost absolute - so the people wishing to have a rest from the city bustle which tired them lasted in this sanatorium. Sometimes this sanatorium was visited even by the famous figures.

Somehow time arrived to sanatorium one citizen from Moscow. Having heard the song " on sanatorium radio; I Love and remember to Vladimir`s music it came to it to a radio cabin all with the same questions. Having heard the habitual modest answer of the musician, with astonishment asked: And what you then here sit - that?! In reply Vladimir it is only guilty smiled.

And here in one of days of July, 2007 to Vladimir Kulikov the invitation from the Moscow producer Mikhail Kiselyov to participate in a musical competition - Club Awards ceremony, annually carried out to the USA, and now received a start in life and at us in Moscow came.

In this ceremony invite to take part the musicians who are going in both for club and popular music and bards, the chansonnier, punks and rockers. The purpose is search of new musical talents. Performances in the Moscow night club NIAGARA are guaranteed further to the best. A result of a ceremony is selection of songs for inclusion in a huge, combined album of tracks in a format mr3

Vladimir became puzzled. The proposal of the Moscow producer came on it like a bolt from the blue. He reflected over this offer several days and agreed

For performance to Vladimir were allocated by 40 minutes. The hall accomodated 600 viewers.

Vladimir, having taken itself the creative pseudonym Vlad of the Worlds also acted perfectly! Sang dozen of songs to which wrote music.

With special delight the capital audience accepted the song I LOVE AND I REMEMBER. The hall sang in unison to the performer of a line of a refrain:

I love and I remember. I remember and love.

in darkness I thank you For light! I Love

and I remember. I remember and love!

for a dream - for everything I thank For a reality!

People sang together with Vladimir, expressing him the obligation for new, sincere and with sense songs which they did not hear on a modern platform any more very long ago; without suspecting what concerning feelings lift the same most poetic lines on a surface from sincere depths of the singer, on - essences for the first time the speaker for general public!

After a concert the line for autographs queued up to it! People asked where it is possible to buy this album with its songs? In reply Vladimir only happily smiled to the new fans... Recently a song performed by Vladimir Kulikov the Petersburg radio station took

in rotation Real radio on a wave 98. 3

A absolutely the other day the famous Petersburg bard Valery Karavayev made Vladimir Kulikov the proposal on cooperation.

Whether it is so possible to become known to the provincial musician?

Probably sometimes all - is possible.

If the musician has talent - from God, love to music - from the birth, devotion to the business and diligence - from education.

I if falls to its lot of course a little luck.