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How to save in Prague to the tourist the house-keeper - a class?

Prague - that place where does not irritate the tourist from post-socialist space a smell of the decaying capitalism . In it there is no pretentiousness of Paris or recklessness of Amsterdam. There it is necessary to go behind peace of mind. And it, this peace of mind, does not demand usually big financial expenses.

I will try to prompt what it is possible to save several kroner for expansion of the opportunities in knowledge of identity of Prague on (several glasses of beer, for example).

First of all there will be a question of an exchange of money because in the Czech Republic in the course Czech korunas. In exchange offices, especially in places of the greatest visit of tourists, the commission can reach 30% about what it is written by a small print, as well as that the course in large figures is valid at an exchange of a large sum. The most favorable exchange rate at persons of the Arab nationality but their points are located usually not on the routes blazed by tourists, however addresses easily are in the Internet. The bank from a card takes the percent which you can find out still houses for cashing in. But practically everywhere (even in pothouses) it is possible to pay off with a plastic card if the type of your card is designated on an entrance. And at the airport it is the simplest to remove cash from it. We arrived in the dead of night, and to us the first exchange (probably, with violation of their laws) was offered by the guide meeting us, directly in the bus. Therefore in the morning in a pocket at us local kroner (small amount) already lay, and we could go behind purchase of the ticket without vanity.

Transport . Payment of transport in Prague differs from ours. Tickets are several types on all means of transport, even the funicular. For example, on one trip lasting no more than 20 minutes (14 kroner). On a trip for 1,5 hours (20 kroner). (Information became outdated, monthly cards on all means of transport, including the funicular, for different time now.) And travel cards for different terms, for example, for three days, week, month. To get acquainted with options and to buy tickets it is possible at information offices at metro stations. Counting of time goes from the moment of activation of a card. Therefore, having bought the travel card for a week (to activate only at the first trip), you can not fuss in search of cash desk and travel about on the city in the pleasure. There are no turnstiles in the subway, on an entrance there are small devices of activation of yellow color. Same hang in trams and buses. There is a lot of controllers, the fine of 500 kroner is quite sensitive, without ticket it is not recommended to go at all. Very conveniently and quietly! Almost each transport stop has a card according to which it is possible to correct the route. It is not obligatory to go with the tablet and a compass.

Communication . Not all our mobile operators are going to support you abroad, even for very rather big money. Therefore I tell about the most economical option with use of the local operator Vodafon which offices are in many places, especially in supermarkets. You buy sim - the card for 200 kroner (all this sum at you on the account, i.e. connection - is free) without any passport, and you talk to yourself on health for 8 kroner a minute though to Kamchatka. Local for 3 krone a minute entering free of charge. It is possible to recharge via the magnetic card, and they on 500 and 1000 kroner. For small fans of talk of 200 kroner for a week more than it is enough. The rest on the account you are told after each call. This sim card at non-use does not vanish, i.e. before your following tour can store or report to your followers.

At acquisition of the permit choose the most variable set of excursions . Usually it is two walking tours on the city in the obligatory program, other additional, for separate money. As excursions in Prague and vicinities quite expensive (from 50 euros), plus entrance tickets, cause disappointment the excursions, approximately equal on informational content, chosen voluntarily.

Most likely the guide meeting you will suggest to choose at once additional excursions and do not hurry to acquire from him the voucher. If at you the first day is already planned and paid (most often it is an obligatory sightseeing tour on the city), then you will have time to orient in the program including with poll of the fellow travelers and the guide on excursion. Meeting it is possible to understand - they receive the percent from the sold vouchers, but money - that yours! And practically always next day your ideas of the cultural program change.

Obligatory walking tours on the Old city and the Prague hail will give you information and idea of history and a city architecture, will teach to be guided by districts in order that then without crowd of tourists, with feeling, sense and arrangement you independently wandered on marvelous narrow small streets of this city which is not suffering vanity.

For acquaintance with the well-known Czech locks choose not the cheapest excursion with the guaranteed visit of the lock (not in all locks there is an access of excursions, and individual visits are not supposed at all). For example - the lock to Lednitsa: both a magnificent interior, safety of attributes of an era, and carefully well-groomed gardens in the English and French styles, a huge greenhouse with tropical plants. Other locks are constructed approximately in the same time and in the same style (as at us in Twist of fate ) are filled with horns of hunting trophies and a medieval armor. Excursion in the lock to Lednitsa combines

and visit of the well-known karst caves is a show you should not miss works. Mothers - the nature, corrected by the person towards bigger emotionality (illumination, music - Ava, Maria!) leaves incomparable feeling of a pacification and thoughtfulness. Even the terrible legend of the angry stepmother in honor of which the most beautiful gorge of Matsokh is called, does not cause grief.

The food in Prague is sufficient cheap. On 200 kroner it is possible to drink a lot of beer and to eat high-calorie and tasty Czech dishes (the " type; veprevo knee duck, smazhenny (fried) cheese). Therefore excursion on a parokhodika with a buffet for 2 hours for 400 kroner is at least twice more expensive than opportunities of your stomach. Especially as the thimble of aperitif and a glass of wine / beer enters the paid drinks. The rest for additional, and very considerable, money.

TAX FREE . I.e. when part of money also return to you at departure. I tell only about the airport.

If you have a planned program of shopping, it is simpler to make it in big megamarkets. Upon purchase of goods in one department / shop a minimum of 2000 kroner you have the right for tax refund (on an entrance to department there is an instruction TAX FREE too). Surely REMIND the cashier of it that she gave you a necessary package (a package, literally) documents except the check.

Still a pleasant thing in supermarkets - existence of a left-luggage office. Having paid some sum (to 200 kroner), you receive a cell and use it the whole day, releasing hands after the next attack on the next shop. But the most pleasant - after completion of shopping you receive these 200 kroner back! I.e. it is just pledge for our unreliability, suddenly we will lose a key also the lock should be changed.

And at the airport everything is simple. Before checking in (suddenly will check though at us did not check) you approach a window of customs (near help) and you make out those papers which gave out to you in shop. After registration you come into zone TAX FREE and you look for CASH REFUND window - and you encash the blood, saved 19%. Not such and big money, and it is all the same pleasant! You can them here and spend, for example, to buy everything - the Czech grenades which did not venture in a jeweler bench.

Saturated and economical to you acquaintances to the remarkable city of Prague and its hospitable inhabitants!