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What to prepare on the Nativity Fast?

begin on November 28 the Christmas (Filippov) post lasting 40 days. Someone will observe it, someone is not present, but I think, I will not be mistaken if he tells that many hostesses everything are will try to prepare something from traditional fast dishes at this time.

Even for not religious people the post is some kind of temporary low-calorie diet which with success can be opposed to modern commitment to the high-calorific and greasy food consisting of a large number of meat, eggs, sugar, animal fats, confectionery which leads to universal increase in percent of corpulent people, and respectively - to growth of number food diseases : warmly - vascular diseases, diabetes, to risk of formation of malignant tumors.

For our many contemporaries, nevertheless, posts are difficult test - they are unacceptable for someone absolutely, for someone are simply unusual. Someone at change of a habitual food allowance has some difficulties: porridges and salads do not suit them - are fresh, do not satisfy to flavoring requirements, do not give sense of fulness.

But it only a consequence of inability to prepare vegetarian dishes. Correctly made vegetarian menu on tastes not only does not concede meat, but even surpasses it and gives feeling of saturation.

Here several recipes of simple vegetarian dishes for those who are going to popostitsya before Christmas.

Potato mushrooms salad

Potatoes boiled - 200 g, mushrooms salty or marinated - 100 g, pickles - 150 g, sauerkraut - 80 g, onions green or napiform - to taste.

Slice boiled potatoes, add small cut pickles, marinated or salty mushrooms, sauerkraut. Well mix and pour salad dressing which recipe is provided slightly below. If it is necessary, add salt, green onions.

Gas station for salads

Salads in a post play nearly paramount role. And here the universal, appetizing and tasty gas station suitable practically for any salad or a vegetable dish very much is useful. we Take

a glass of vegetable oil, a glass of apple or wine cider vinegar, a sugar tablespoon, ground pepper on a knife tip, a half of a teaspoon of salt.

is Well mixed, we merge in a bottle, we close a stopper and we keep in the refrigerator.

Before the use gas station should be shaken up.

Pea vegetables soup

1 glass of dried peas is presoaked for 4 hours in water. Then cook it in water (4 glasses), having added bay leaf. When peas half boil soft, add 2 glasses of the cut vegetables (carrots, potatoes, cabbage, a swede, vegetable marrows, tomatoes) to soup and continue to cook to readiness.

Separately in a frying pan heat 2 h l. vegetable oil, add there 1/2 h l. caraway seeds, then 1/4 - 1/6 h l. chili powder. When pepper changes color on brown, oil with spices is filled in in soup. It is good to add still a pinch of a pounded coriander, cardamom.

Red pepper impacts to food very pleasant relish. There are even data that it lowers cholesterol level in blood.

Rice with vegetables

1 glass of rice is washed out in water and presoaked for 15 minutes, then water is merged. In a pan warm 1 tablespoon of creamy or vegetable oil, add 1/2 h l. caraway seeds and 1/4 h l. chili powder. Then add the cut vegetables: 100 g of green peas, 100 g of carrots, 100 g of potatoes, 100 g usual or cauliflower. Vegetables are fried within 4 - 5 minutes. Then add rice and continue to roast some more minutes, stirring slowly.

Add 1 l of boiled water, bay leaf, salt, three cut tomatoes, disturb and cook on small fire until rice incorporates all water.

Rice can also be prepared with green pepper, eggplants, beet.

Cake with raisin and nuts

wheat flour - 4 glasses, sugar - 2 glasses, vegetable oil - 1 glass, walnuts - 1 glass, broth apple - 2 glasses, soda - 1 h l., cinnamon ground - 1 h l., vinegar 3% - 1 tablespoon, salt to taste. Sugar and oil pound

, add salt, raisin, small chopped nuts, part with dried apples decoction, add soda.

Gradually pour flour, cinnamon, pour in vinegar and mix. Lay out dough in the oiled form. Bake 50 - 55 min. in the warmed oven. Give

to tea or coffee, having cut for the portion.

Balls from oat flakes with

Two glasses of oat flakes, stirring slowly, roast on butter (100 g) until they do not become ruddy. Add cinnamon, a grated nutmeg, a handful of raisin or the crushed nuts, 2 tablespoons of sugar. Mix, then add 1 - 2 glass of milk or water. Once again mix. Water or milk are quickly absorbed in flakes. When everything cools down, from flakes roll balls. For beauty and appetency it is possible to roll in balls also in coconut flakes. The dish is ready. Fast it will be only in case of replacement of butter vegetable and water use, but not milk.

Do not forget, dear readers that approach of Christmas holidays with their plentiful feasts and libations, nevertheless at first is preceded by the period of clarification and abstention - the Nativity Fast.

More and more people try to join these primordially national traditions. So recipes of these vegetarian dishes will approach for this purpose as it is impossible by the way.

of Good luck to you on the way to healthy food and a healthy lifestyle!