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What is kotostrofobiya ? 118 unusual fears.

- I have a kotostrofobiya! - five-year-old Anechka when we with Vera, her mother and my friend in combination, tried to push resourceful mademoiselle in a walking set a jacket - a cap - a scarf declared.

- At you that? - Vera asked again, hiding a fluffy hair of the girl in a subsoil of a huge cap with a pompon.

- Kotostrofobiya! - Anechka repeated, continuing to escape. - I am afraid! As the aunt Katya in the elevator!

The belief was lop-sided on me, being going to lecture for the fact that I teach her daughter to bad words. Expecting tortures, I put the tail between the legs, but unexpectedly understood what is meant by Ania.

- Claustrophobia, Anyut! - I burst out laughing.

the Belief with astonishment threw up eyebrows:

- You could explain to my child that claustrophobia is a fear of the closed space? And the closed space in this case is probably this charming scarf?

- Well, I am a teacher from God, - it is proud I declared, but then admitted: - Well you know that when we all crowd jam into the elevator as herrings in a flank, I constantly say that I have claustrophobia. you have no

- Which at all, - Vera rolled up eyes. - Just you need the place for your bags, hairdresses, nails and this is new - skirts - not - remember - it is please.

Having made an innocent face and having turned to the comment of the girlfriend a deaf ear, I continued:

- Anka somehow asked, and I told that claustrophobia is when is close.

- Kotostrofobiya! - ours gave a vote of the child and tried to pull together from herself a cap for a pompon.

- On an exit! - Vera stopped her feeble efforts, and we moved to a hall.

- Though you know, a kotostrofobiya - it is quite good too, - I thoughtfully said, covering with a coat. - Fear of cats.

Barsik dozing on a padded stool in a hall took offense and turned over on other side.

I remembered this history when I came across one quite interesting list. It appears, besides all the known claustrophobia, an agoraphobia and hydrophobia, there are also other fears - surprising, amusing, strange. However, you look.

Amatofobiya - fear of dust. Ambulofobiya`s

- fear to go. Anablefobiya`s

- fear to look up.

Androphobia - fear of men.

Anglophobia - fear of British. Antofobiya`s

- fear of flowers. Anuptafobiya`s

- fear to remain unmarried (unmarried). Apeyrofobiya`s

- fear of infinity. Apifobiya`s

- fear of bees. Arakibutirofobiya`s

- fear that peanut butter will stick to the sky. Aritmofobiya`s

- fear of numbers. Aurofobiya`s

- fear of gold. Automisofobiya`s

- fear to be dirty. Aviofobiya`s

- fear of flights.

the Bacillophobia - fear of microbes. Ballistofobiya`s

- fear of rockets or bullets. Basofobiya`s

- fear of loss of ability to stand. Batofobiya`s

- fear of depth.

Bibliophobia - fear of books. Bogifobiya`s

- fear of ghosts. Bromidrosifobiya`s

- fear of smells of a body. Bufonofobiya`s

- fear of toads. Venustrafobiya`s

- fear of beautiful women. Virginitifobiya`s

- fear to be raped.

Gamophobia - fear before a wedding. Gelofobiya`s

- fear of laughter. Glossofobiya`s

- fear to act on public. Gimnofobiya`s

- fear of nakedness. Gadefobiya`s

- fear of hell.

Heliophobia - fear of the sun.

Hemophobia - fear of blood. Godofobiya`s

- fear of travel.

the Homophobia - fear of homosexuality. Desidofobiya`s

- fear to make decisions. Didaskaleynofobiya`s

- fear of school. Dorafobiya`s

- fear of fur or leather of animals. Dromofobiya`s

- fear to pass through the street. Iatrofobiya`s

- fear of doctors. Isolofobiya`s

- fear of loneliness. Katagelofobiya`s

- fear of sneers. Katisofobiya`s

- fear to sit down. Kartsinofobiya`s

- fear of cancer diseases. Kionofobiya`s

- fear of snow. Korofobiya`s

- fear of dances. Krometofobiya`s

- fear of money. Klimakofobiya`s

- fear of ladders. Klinofobiya`s

- fear to go to bed in a bed. Koprofobiya`s

- fear of excrements. Koulrofobiya`s

- fear of clowns. Kifofobiya`s

- fear to stoop. Lakanofobiya`s

- fear of vegetables. Leukofobiya`s

- fear of white color. Ligirofobiya`s

- fear of loud sounds. Lokiofobiya`s

- fear to give birth to the child. Logofobiya`s

- fear of words. Lutrafobiya`s

- fear of otters. Ligofobiya`s

- fear of darkness. Mageyrokofobiya`s

- fear to cook food. Mastigofobiya`s

- fear of punishment. Melofobiya`s

- fear of music. Menofobiya`s

- fear of periods. Merintofobiya`s

- fear to be connected. Metatesiofobiya`s

- fear of changes. Metifobiya`s

- fear of alcohol. Mnemofobiya`s

- fear of memoirs. Musofobiya`s

- fear of mice.

the Mycophobia - fear of mushrooms.

Necrophobia - fear of death. Nefofobiya`s

- fear of clouds. Noktifobiya`s

- fear of night. Nosokomefobiya`s

- fear of hospitals. Odontofobiya`s

- fear of tooth operations. Oyenofobiya`s

- fear of wine. Olfaktofobiya`s

- fear to smell. Ombrofobiya`s

- fear of a rain.

Panophobia - fear of all on light. Pediofobiya`s

- fear of dolls.

Pedophobia - fear of children. Plakofobiya`s

- fear of tombstones. Plutofobiya`s

- fear of wealth. Pogonofobiya`s

- fear of beards. Pteromeranofobiya`s

- fear to fly. Pirofobiya`s

- fear of fire. Radiofobiya`s

- fear of radiation. Ranidafobiya`s

- fear of frogs. Rabdofobiya`s

- fear of punishment. Ritifobiya`s

- fear of wrinkles. Stsiofobiya`s

- fear of shadows.

the Scoleciphobia - fear of worms. Skotomafobiya`s

- fear to go blind. Skriptofobiya`s

- fear to write publicly. Selenofobiya`s

- fear of the moon. Sayderofobiya`s

- fear of stars. Sinistrofobiya`s

- fear of lefthanders. Singenesofobiya`s

- fear of relatives. Takhofobiya`s

- fear of speed. Tafefobiya`s

- fear to be buried live. Testofobiya`s

- fear to take examinations. Teatrofobiya`s

- fear of theaters. Tonitrofobiya`s

- fear of a thunder. Triskaydekafobiya`s

- fear of number 13. Tripanofobiya`s

- fear of injections. Falakrofobiya`s

- fear to become bald. Filemafobiya`s

- fear of kisses.

Philophobia - fear to fall in love. Fobofobiya`s

- fear to feel fear. Etslesiofobiya`s

- fear of church. Eysoptrofobiya`s

- fear to see itself in a mirror.

Electrophobia - fear of electricity. Enetofobiya`s

- fear of pins. Enoklofobiya`s

- fear of crowd. Eosofobiya`s

- fear of rising, the day sun. Epistaksifobiya`s

- fear of bleeding from a nose. Eremofobiya`s

- fear to be oneself. Eritrofobiya`s

- fear to redden.

Ergophobia - fear of work.

Erotophobia - fear of sex. Eufobiya`s

- fear to hear good news.

In fears, in my opinion, there is nothing good, however I provided this list not in order that you found in yourself some phobia and became despondent. Absolutely on the contrary! Present that you spent the whole day in the Internet and did not make a dinner to arrival of the husband. You have a remarkable justification: Sorry, but I have Darling a mageyrokofobiya attack today, can do nothing with myself . And purchase of the next cream can be justified with a ritifobiya. However, dear men, and you can explain unwillingness to visit her mother suddenly played singenesofobiya.

I hope, in a couple of years Anechka will not threaten us with Vera didaskaleynofobiy